"In Tacfit Barbarian, Scott Sonnon does an excellent job of creating a training regimen that
anyone can use. After initially breaking complex movements into their simplest forms, he develops the movement back into the complex one from which it was derived.

This simplicity allows for an enthusiast at any level to use the program and progress through
each movement flawlessly. Also, it is set up so that the user just has to follow along the weekly or 4-day schedules that Scott spells out to advance through the program. Tacfit Barbarian has
yielded great results for me, and will do the same for anyone that uses the program. I look
forward to being able to implement this program for the athletes that I work in both performanceimprovement and rehabilitation."

- Matthew Wiswesser, ATC, LAT, Head Athletic Trainer at Bethlehem Catholic High School

"As a business owner, trainer and fighter, I need a training program that helps me increase functional strength and athleticism. TACFIT Barbarian is the next step in the evolution of, what is in my opinion, the most comprehensive, functional training programs available. I can tell you with 100% certainty that today, at age 37, I am in the best shape of my life and it is thanks to these programs.

‘Barbarian’ by name sounds very primal, very brute, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.
It’s sophisticated. It’s brilliant. The inclusion of the parallettes was genius. Each mission in
Barbarian is progressively more complex so your nervous system adapts by effectively becoming
more efficient. One run through the four-day cycle and you’ll know you’re in for a challenge. I’vebeen training for 20+ years and have tried many programs which don’t deliver as promised.
TACFIT does. Barbarian will. I can’t wait to get my hands on the whole thing.

- Marc Joseph, President - Spartan Training Gear

"Hi TACFIT family, and new guests,

TACFIT Barbarian (TBAR) presents my dedicated course for using the parallette bars for tactical fitness; including my unique amalgam of elements from gymnastics, hatha yoga, capoeira, sambo-wrestling, combat systema, parkour, wushu, vyayam, bboy, and even Russo-Cossack dance. Butthese primal movements involve more than random amalgamation from different cultural traditions.

They're a specifically crafted system for progressive development of a universally criticalstrength technique, which gymnasts call “hollow body”, martial artists call the “power chamber” and military scientists call “battery position.”

It's one of the most important positions for a martial artist, clubbell swinger, football lineman, yogi, kettlebell lifter, wrestler or gymnast. Masters have taught this primal position for thousandsof years in yoga such as in mayurasana - the elbow lever, one of my favorite exercises.

There is an anthropological reason for the strength of this position: it is the primal fighting / defensive posture with which we evolved to instinctively protect ourselves. Biologically, it is themost effective position to absorb and deliver force.

We are neurologically wired to strengthen this “hollow body.” It is essential to perfecting aproper handstand, a strict pullup, as well as the body lever and back lever, the kettlebell rack position and the clubbell order position.

The physical range may not be as dramatic from a handstand to a fighting stance, but it is“resisting rotation” which correctly elicits the neuromuscular efficacy of the power chamber.

All four TBAR programs, and each of the 32 TBAR exercises, strengthen the power chamber to generate your fitness battery.

Band-Ageless developed out of a need to increase the traction on my joint mobility programs.

Joint mobility to the arms and legs remains primarily “open chain” movement, meaning that it's relatively unpredictable, like waving your hand, “goodbye” - whereas, “closed chain” movement is relatively predictable, like doing a pushup.

You know where movement will happen in the pushup in general, but not in the waving hand. This makes it peculiarly difficult to address deep tension in the arms and legs through joint mobility.

Certainly, most of the tension you can address through open chain joint mobility, but for serious athletes, and people with serious tension, I discovered we need to go a bit deeper.

Thanks to CST Head Coach Mike Locke of Bellingham Athletic Club in Washington State, combining resistant bands with joint mobility provides an ingenious solution to releasing compressed joints, fascial adhesions, and tight muscles on the arms and legs.

Releasing your limbs before working out prevents you from injuries, removes pain and also increases your performance in your exercise as well as your energy level. All of your energy remains locked in cold storage until you release it. And with this consolidated, unique form of warm-up, you'll be able to achieve in this in only a few minutes. It really feels like magic.

I've also included a specialized cooldown program to compensate specifically for the shoulders. Compensatory movement, my approach to cool-down methods, uses radar-locked precision to unload the specific tissues used in a workout in order to prevent injuries, and maximize your positive adaptation to the exercise you do.

The Atlas yoga program takes elements of yoga, and places them into a breathing flow, so that in
the span of just a minute per movement, you'll be able to shut down all of the tension you generated during your workout, and return to your day with no stress in your shoulders, torso or core.

...and with the TBARs course, you'll be developing a lot of new musclewhich you'll need to keep loose and fluid.

It won't take joining a yoga school to be able to do it, and you won't need to chant, burn incense or bend yourself into a pretzel.

Please keep reading!!!"
Who Recovers Fastest Wins!
Scott Sonnon



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Please Note: This is a downloadable program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering. This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.

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Since the public launch of TACFIT in 2004, and behind the closed doors of his private training clinics since the 1990s, Scott Sonnon has gained acclaim for his innovative strategies for building functional muscle mass, fluid strength, explosive power and tenacious stamina in his signature method of sustainable, incremental progression. TACFIT Barbarian (TBAR) presents yet another old-school, battle-tested, retro-tech tool for your tactical fitness arsenal: parallette bars. Though pushup handles have become vogue on recent years due to advance in biomechanics, they fail to utilize the 83% of their potential as they only capitalize on 1 out of the 6 total degrees of freedom that TACFIT has shown the world of our movement possibilities.

How Can You Gain the other 83% of Missing Fitness?

And Carve the Chiseled Body of a Gymnast, Crushing Strength
of a Wrestler, Explosive Power of a Martial Artist and Balanced Relaxation of a Yogi?

Combining the success of vetted vintage TBARS with the cutting edge recovery science of tactical fitness, Scott presents a systematic approach for you to build:

• Gnarled gymnastic physique which can only be described as muscle boundless, rather than bound, due to Scott's trademarked "6 degree freedom" movement design method. Most traditional bodybuilders learn that to build a muscle you must begin at resting length. Through Scott's pioneer work as the first Westerner mine the former Soviet "Think-Tanks" of advanced biomechanics, he created an ergonomic template to build not mere muscle, but muscular movement.

• Fluid power by tapping into the nervous system's innate architecture to develop strength in a very specific sequence, but predominantly untapped by the conventional fitness industry. Scott accessed this quite by accident of attempting to learn how to overcome his own physical limitations and learning disabilities, and programming via this neurological superhighway allowed him to develop from what doctors said would be impossible: a world champion.

• Integrated, health-first fitness which historically had only been accessible by ancient yogis, venerable martial artists and classically trained gymnasts. Unfortunately, most modern gymnastics have become exclusively a performance sport insular to those athletes who begin training at a very early age and remain loyal for 8-13 years of diligent practice. With Scott teaching you how to deliberately, directly cultivate this elusive attribute he calls the "Power Chamber" you'll be able to decimate that time to mere months.

Within the TBARS course you'll find FOUR of the most innovative twenty-minute workouts you'll ever learn, each progressing upon one another so that every individual, regardless of age, gender, size, experience, or recovery can participate. Every one of the 32 exercises presents a unique angle on healthy, high-octane bodyweight conditioning. And although you should take advantage of a commercial grade quality set of parallette bars, not only will you be able to build your own do it yourself version for around $30 in about 30 minutes (detailed ideas in the TBARS manual!), you can also perform any of the exercises without the equipment at all. There are a lot of physiological advantages to using the equipment, but Scott always promoted equipment free solutions should you need to go without.

In the artistically crafted fully color illustrated manual, you will learn 3 scientifically validated routines to each of the 4 courses, giving you a total of 12 different potential variations on implementing the program into your daily life. Touching upon a thread of consciousness that weaves throughout all disciplines and fields, blueprint TACFIT success formula will give you all of the muscle size, strength and fitness benefits while guaranteeing that you improve in a methodical graduation offering pain and injury free progress. Taught by Olympic coaches in USA, Russia and Australia, this blueprint for continual, sustainable progress will prevent you from over-reaching your current condition, over-training into aches and pains, and burning-out with repetitive boredom. The printable calendar, reference charts and exercise progressions allow you to do quick-glance recognition of what you have to do each day, each workout and every
movement, so that you need only follow the TBAR step-by-step sequence to achieve and surpass your physique, fitness and strength goals.

Scott has perfected his approach to reaching his thousands of students around the world in this turn-key, easy-to-understand and simple-to-follow 8-set video library. Literally plug-and-play, the TBAR digital suite takes no thought and leaves no stone unturned in technique explanation and ease of follow along. Professionally filmed from 3 angles - that's right THREE CAMERAS - you'll be overwhelmed at the production quality, which will transform the two dimensional screen with a nearly three dimensional virtual experience.


"The Barbarian program allows the athlete to build a solid strength base using paralettes, and really focuses on developing the hollow body position that is the secret to accessing incredible levels of strength.  Again, this program gives TACFIT athletes an option to build strength and sophistication in parallette skills, which will directly apply to increased performance on high intensity workout days, not to mention in real world performance."

- M.L., Chief of Police for an agency that uses TACFIT for its department fitness program. Tactical Tracking Team Commander, Former U.S. Marine Sniper, SWAT officer


Band Ageless

Some know Scott to be a mad scientist locked his laboratories often requiring interventions to interrupt his experiments. Many don't know that he surrounds himself with a team of experts and innovators, mavens of lore from many modalities, and has advised on one of his inspiring Facebook status updates, "surround yourself by those who challenge you, who love and support you but also don't hesitate to shake you from a myopic slumber when you invariably suffer tunnel vision from a solitary perspective."

One of Scott's trusted confidants and staff head coaches is Mike Locke Sports Performance Specialist and Fitness Coordinator at Bellingham Athletic Club. To know how much Scott values Mike's insights, Scott asked Mike to coach him for the 2010 World Games, which many of you know resulted in Scott bringing home five good medals for USA.

How does a World Champion Fighter stay Pain and Injury FREE while enduring
teeth rattling marathons of training for months of continual training?

During this long grueling preparation, Scott and Mike worked together on even greater accelerated protocols to enhance recuperation and repair of damaged tissues that happens during intense mixed martial arts and jiujitsu training and conditioning.

Combining two different modalities - Scott's mobility drills with Mike's resistance band drills - produced a brain child much more powerful than they could have imagined. Adding the unique traction resistance of bands to the rotational movements in mobility drills may accentuate the recoverability of the joints and tissues by:

• facilitating synovial flow between the joints, ground substance around the bones,

• stimulating bone growth through the osteoblastic effect of traction,

• increasing blood circulation to enhance the healing process,

• stimulating proprioceptive awareness which creates greater strength, power, precision,
balance, accuracy and finesse.

• releasing fascial adhesions which form from heavy repetition and weight,

• relaxing over-tonus which hampers recovery and shortens muscles resulting in power

With such a long list of benefits, you would expect it to be a lengthy and complicated process. In practice, however, it takes only a few minutes and you will find it very simple to follow along, especially due to the professional filmography of the two video set: one for Arms and one for Legs.

Named Band Ageless to pay homage to the reversible nature of accelerating aging, this powerful ally in the TACFIT nation perfectly slips into the No Intensity day in the TACFIT wave, can be used as a warm up before training, can be used in between sets, or even in between exercises, as a cool down or a deeper session for Low Intensity days in the TACFIT wave.

"As a 52 year old, 30 year veteran of law enforcement (the last 22 years assigned to top tier federal agencies), a police combatives and defensive tactics trainer to hundreds of military and police officers worldwide, as well as an avid Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner and competitor.  I have been a student of the training methods of world-renowned trainer and fitness expert, Scott Sonnon for years and have had unparalleled results in not only my high performance peak conditioning, but also that of my students around the globe.

Coach Sonnon has once again proven why he is the best in the business of training tactical athletes around the world, bar none.

Through the use of the proven strategies of Component Learning and Complex Training Effects, Coach Sonnon has taken my performance and conditioning, physically and mentally, to levels previously thought to be reserved only for those in their 20-30’s…..

I highly recommend this program to anyone, of any age, if you are at all interested in honing your mind, body and spirit into a functional high performance machine.” 

“Hurry, get yours now, you will not be disappointed”

- Charlie M., 52-year-old 30-year law enforcement veteran, international police combatives and defensive tactics instructor

Can You Unshoulder the Burden of Stress from Life and Training? YES!!!

Atlas mythically bore the shouldered weight of the world. And in kind, the combination of TBAR and KOC can require some laser target precise yoga to compensate for the work. So, using his signature specificity in designing warm up and cool down programs which render the EXACT motor profile of the intended exercise or skill, Scott assembled the fully pruned and cherry-picked yogic unloading movements to release your shoulders in just a few minutes.

Please remember, Coach Sonnon cultivated this design template skill over many decades of chiseling away at one very large piece of marble. With so many inherent hurdles physically, mentally, and emotionally, Scott's younger self was forced, through trial and error (and error and error and error), to learn how to use "the chisel instead of the pick axe." If he wasn't absolutely perfect on unloading the exercise he performed, he'd be awake the entire night rubbing down the steering hot stabbing pains in his joints and on his bones. Like he said, it was mostly years of error: do this and don't do this = pain. Pain is a strong motivator to avoid a behavior. But not as strong as (let's not call it pleasure; let's all it what Coach names) - Vibrancy.

When you sue this very short, laser targeted compensation cool down, you not only prevent pain and injury, you increase the vitality of the entire body and allow yourself to adapt 100% to your exercise. This point MANY people miss, especially in the recent rush to try and forge elite athletes while neglecting proper motor progression, incremental scaling, specific warm up and specific cool down programming.

Scientific Yoga Radar Lock on to Target the Tension Terrorists!

In other words, you DO NOT WANT to Engage the Emergency Break and Reap a Meager 40% Benefit from Your 100% Effort, RIGHT?!

If you do not cool down, you do not turn off the tissue utilized, and prepare the area for recuperation. If the are remains activated, turgid and unreleased, it not only cannot fully adapt to your exertions, it "maladapts" - it adapts in an unknowable, unmeasurable, untrackable, and most likely undesirable way. Can you imagine working so hard at your exercise, and then wasting 60% of your effort because you didn't specifically cool down? 40% of adaption for 100% effort???!!!

To be able to adapt to 100% of your intense effort, you need to implement a scientific approach to specificity. If you're not familiar with exercise science, there's a principle called SAID: Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand. Basically, this means that you don't adapt generally to exercise. You don't get all around stronger. You only get stronger in the range of the movement you perform. (Therefore, TACFIT courses hit all 6 degrees of freedom with myriad of exercise variations.)

But SAID also applies in this cool down context (and warm up for that matter!) If you don't Specifically turn off the Imposed Demand to prevent it from "maladapting" then it will specifically adapt in an an unknowable, unmeasurable, untrackable, and most likely undesirable way.


* The above is a symbolic depiction of the product’s content.
For illustration purposes only. The complete product’s content comes in a digital/downloadable format.




Please Note: This is a downloadable program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering. This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.

Clicking the order button will take you to a secure page for the transaction by Clickbank, the most popular online payment processor of digital products in the world. Upon confirmation of your order, you will immediately be redirected to the registration page where you will choose user credentials for your download page. The written material is in the PDF format, so you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open the files. The video files are available in .mp4 and .m4v formats. The PDF manual's size is appr. 36 MB. Largest video file is 236 MB. Appr. total space needed: 4 GB


Oh, by the way, if you have any questions,
I’ve probably already answered them here:


Q. Iʼve never used parallette bars, is this program still for me?

Yes, if you've never used parallette bars this is the perfect place to begin, because the Level 1 skills are so simple that you can learn them very quickly.

Q. What kind of parallette bars do I need for this program?

If you've never purchased a parallette bars before, you could use any style, but if you're going to invest in a piece of equipment, start with a pair that you can take anywhere, are lightweight and virtually indestructible, such as the 12 inch www.stan-ray.com bars. Or take a look online at the various at home do it yourself tutorials for cheap fast parallette bars. And all of the TBAR exercises could be performed without any equipment, If you didn't even have the time to make your own!

Q. Is the program appropriate for women?

Parallette are gender-neutral. In fact, women are often learning them faster than some men because we males often let ego get in the way of learning technique. Women tend to understand straight away that if they actually read, watch and practice the directions, they'll develop much more rapidly than their male counterparts who would throw away the user manual in favor of diving into the deep end too fast, too soon.
The only adjustment which women will need to make involves shifting the "power chamber" position elbows flared outward, then backward, then sliding forward to pinch into ribs. This adjusts the breasts forward to avoid excessive discomfort. Fortunately, women rarely have the common male problem of overly tight chest muscles, and can achieve the "power chamber" position more easily than men, so it balances out.
(Caveat: pregnant women should only ever begin a new exercise program under the direct supervision of their health care professional.)

Q. Is this program too hard for regular people?

The system includes 4 levels (Delta for those fresh recruits new to fitness, Gamma for those who have a couple missions notched on their belts, Beta for those seasoned enough to go for the gusto, and Alpha for those individuals who have the perfect combination of character flaws to want to challenge themselves mercilessly.) So, there's a place for everyone in TACFIT.

But this isn't static. Everyone recovers at different speeds and in different areas faster than others. So, one day you may feel froggy and up for a big leap; and on another day, a little sluggish but needing to knock off the dust and get some circulation in those bones. You can dial it up or down even within a session using the TACFIT trademarked 4 levels of incremental progression / regression.

Even if you need an extra day off, don't let your muscles lie to you that resting would be best for your body. Your specialized recovery programs, Band Ageless and Atlas Yoga, will help lubricate and send desperately needed nutrition throughout your body to help you fully restore to a pain and injury free, energized body.

Q. I'm overweight and sedentary, can I still do this program?

Of course! Just make sure that if you're overweight and sedentary, you invest in yourself and get a physical check-up with your doctor to get approved for this specific program. Take the time to study and practice the Strain Prevention and Stress Conversion programs. They help you prepare for intense work. Follow the directions in the manual for keeping the proper and safe levels of technique, effort and discomfort.

As mentioned above, the level 1 techniques allow you to start out even if you've been pushing papers for a long time. But take the time to give yourself extra days of recovery if you're feeling you need it. Use common sense, and if you feel that you don't know how to gauge yourself correctly, then ask your doc.

Q. How long is this program?

There's an 12 minute warmup and 5 minute cooldown and 4 rounds of the 4 minute workout with 1 minute rest in between for a total of 37 minutes.

Q. Can I incorporate this with other exercise programs?

Yes, your manual teaches you where and when you can optimally incorporate other TACFIT missions as well as conventional exercise approaches.

Q. I have a skinny figure. Would TACFIT be able to help me gain muscle mass or is it
more suitable for people who want to cut body fat and get lean?

TACFIT Barbarian puts on the muscle fast. It's how I gained muscle while staying lean for my Summer photoshoot on the Isle of Capri off the coast of Italy.

Q. I am a 59 year old man and it seems to me that this training is just geared for the
young ones. Does this program work for older people?

As we age, resistance training becomes more important to keep our bones healthy. Bodyweight resistance, such as with the parallette bars, stimulates bone growth and offsets osteoporosis, while allowing you to control your resistance without external load.

Additionally, as we age we also need to focus more increasing pain-free mobility and increased range of motion which diminishes from overuse, misuse and disuse.

So, since aging is a process of losing complexity, the 4 progressive levels signature throughout the TACFIT workouts focuses on that increasing complexity. Lastly, the preincorporated recovery programs dedicate you to remaining pain and injury free and maximizing your recovery from resistance training and the toils of daily life.

Q. Will this help me get rid of the pudge around my midsection.

Spot reducing fat is a myth, but fortunately, you cannot stop TACFIT from melting fat off your entire body, especially your midsection!

Q. Is this suitable for someone with limited flexibility?

Since all of the TACFIT workouts concentrate on increasing flexibility and strength simultaneously, you'll improve your essential flexibility just by following the prescribed progression through the 4 levels of the TACFIT workouts.

Q. How is this similar/different from other parallette bars programs?

Approaches are just tools in the toolbox. Useful for their intention. Some methods are geared for teaching young children to develop for gymnastic competition, and require long hours on the mat, and demand the youthful fast recovery from such grueling repetition. Excellent for kids, but for the time-sensitive adult, not viable. So, some of the tactics from kids gymnastics programs aren't viable for grown ups either.
TACFIT isn't a gymnastics sport or competition preparation. TACFIT offers you additional tools, through concentrating on "progressing / regressing" through simple steps.

Not only does this variety of techniques keep you from boredom and overtraining, but it also focuses on what neuroscience and biomechanics has come to understand in recent years: your growth and development depends upon challenging movements. Not only will you get all of the conventional physique results of increased muscle and decreased fat, but more importantly you will feel as good as you look and
be as strong as you feel.

Q. Are speed and reps more important or is perfect form more important?

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. That's the motto that martial artists have understood for millennia. Physique and fitness benefits come from improving technique. The more that you better your form, the faster you gain muscle, burn fat and move with power and grace. Speed is a product of technique, so you never have to "try" and lift faster; you only need to improve your technique and the total time of the actual repetition as a result, decreases.

The same with number of reps: as you improve technique, the time taken for one rep decreases, resulting in more total repetitions over the set. This is the secret that masterful martial artists keep hidden in plain sight, because ego convinces people to try and lift heavier and faster and more. This ego only results in poor technique done heavier, faster, and more often. Focusing on technique results looks like it's slow, but it's the tortoise over the hare: the sure, safe path to victory in your fitness and life.

Q. Would a person need to do cardio training after these workouts or are they good
enough in a cardiovascular way?

Cardio is one of the great by-products of the TACFIT programming arsenal.





In this 59 page, fully illustrated, color manual, Scott Sonnon teaches you his innovative parallette bar system. He takes you through the principles, concepts, and his secret tips and tricks for developing a yogi's core strength, a gymnast's shoulders and arms, a powerful wrestler's back and explosive martial artist's legs. Includes charts, calendars, exercise photos and detailed step by step instructions.








In these four, state of the art, three camera professional instructional videos, you will learn from Scott Sonnon his step by step progress through all 32 exercises in his
parallette bar course, designed to develop what he calls the "power chamber" - the secret to a powerful athletic body taught by martial artists, yogis and gymnasts.
Meticulous attention to details in each instructional elements of movement as well as precise explanation of breathing techniques and structural alignment.









In these four, twenty minute follow along workout videos using bodyweight and a pair of parallette bars, each studio filmed and artistically edited from three camera angles, Coach Sonnon works right with you so that you can follow along and carve your "power
chamber" with the TACFIT founder himself.






In these two follow along instructional videos, Scott Sonnon takes you through a synergistic powerhouse of accelerated recovery by combining resistance bands with joint mobility drills, to add traction to your movement warm ups, cool downs or off days.
Split into an Arms Program and a Legs Program, you get the "Best of Both Worlds" of recovery in this innovative approach to no intensity exercise for pain-eliminating and injury preventing movement.











Requiring only five minutes to perform, the creator of this scientific approach to the
millennia old system of Prasara yoga, Scott Sonnon, shares with you how to unlock
your upper body, arms and in particular shoulders from pain and over compensating
tension. With laser targeted precision, each movement specifically unloads both barrels
from high gauge impact of strength training.





Any physical stress creates specific bands of tension, the body attempting to lock us into a biomechanical machine that can efficiently perform whatever task we ask of it. But these band also "lock up" our energy, literally "slamming on the brakes" of life performance unless we take specific action to dissolve them. The "GO TO for the Gungho" TACFIT recovery program is seven minutes of heaven, converting every bit of
stress in his body into the fluid force necessary to confront and master life challenges.
This series of Prasara techniques will help you unlock the tension, free that energy, and help you prepare mind and body for either fast action or deep sleep.




Scott went beyond the call of duty to share his PERSONAL joint health program, the very one he performs EVERY SINGLE DAY to keep his 40-year old body functioning at the level of a 20 year old. And that's not just his opinion--that's what his physician said!

Interested? Well, this is it. Eighteen minutes of pain free, no intensity motion in followalong format with full vocal coaching. Remember one thing to use the program to return your body to peak joint efficiency: if you want to CURE a problem, do it slowly. If you
want to PREVENT problems, do it daily. If you don't have this information, it's worth the price of the program by itself.





* The above is a symbolic depiction of the product’s content.
For illustration purposes only. The complete product’s content comes in a digital/downloadable format.





Please Note: This is a downloadable program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering. This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.

Clicking the order button will take you to a secure page for the transaction by Clickbank, the most popular online payment processor of digital products in the world. Upon confirmation of your order, you will immediately be redirected to the registration page where you will choose user credentials for your download page. The written material is in the PDF format, so you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open the files. The video files are available in .mp4 and .m4v formats.The PDF manual's size is appr. 36 MB. Largest video file is 236 MB. Appr. total space needed: 4 GB


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