Circular Strength Training® Certifications

Many professionals are trying to edge above the world’s fastest growing industry - personal training and wellness coaching. It’s a highly competitive world out there, especially with conservative resources looking to maximize the return on their fitness investment.

Without a doubt, the Circular Strength Training System Certification provides you with the most valuable array of tools and techniques elevating you far above the rabble of conventional fitness certifications.

CST is the FIRST and the BEST “Club Swinging” Certification in the World!

“The Most Challenging Workout of 2007″ - New York Post
“The #1 Fitness System of 2008″ - Cleo Magazine
As Seen in “the Best Gyms in America” in 2009 - Fitness Magazine
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The list of benefits, values and virtues that CST brings will not only add the highest premium to your services, they will also integrate seamlessly into your prior experience and knowledge base.

Good information doesn’t displace good information. It only reinforces it. CST goes a step farther and amplifies the effectiveness of your prior education by efficiently integrating your total coaching performance into an elegant, surgical formula.

So, if you want to fortify your curriculum vitae and become the most in-demand personal trainer, sport coach or wellness coordinator in your region, then you must showcase Circular Strength Training on your resume!

Levels of Certification

RMAX International has a 5-tiered educational platform to provide students with more sophisticated mastery of the Circular Strength Training System.

  • CST Head Coach: Certified CST Head Coaches craft complete periodized training plans for teams, organizations and agencies through education in the Training Hierarchy Pyramid™. Becoming a CST Head Coach requires the demonstration of significant leadership abilities. Head Coaches are the physical and intellectual representatives of RMAX, embodying its mission of community-fostering mentorship and its vision of “leading from the front.” As aids to the RMAX Faculty, they undergo apprenticeship in conducting certification seminars so that they become qualified to add certifying CST GX Instructors to their benefit stream. The most significant quality in becoming a Head Coach is joining the Head Coaching Staff: a professional team actively developing co-venture, co-promotional and collaborative projects with direct support and supervision from the RMAX Faculty.
  • CST Coach: Certified CST Coaches are qualified in our signature client assessment process, Poise Analysis™, and as a result, Component Learning Technique™. The ability to screen, assess, deconstruct and debug movement efficiency sets a high premium of success for our CST Coaches, distinguishing them from the high volume of personal trainers. Coaches join the RMAX Coaching Staff in tapping into an organizational mind-share library of professional and personal development mentorship. CST Coaches sub-certify for free in any of the system’s increasing array of sought-after programs, and receive extensive support in professional workshop development, marketing and networking.
  • CST Personal Training Instructor: Full CST Instructors receive personal trainer certification through an intensive hands-on education in the science of Circular Strength Training®. Instructors focus on how the “Tri-Ring Integration™” of Joint Mobility, 6 Degrees of Freedom, Progressive Resistance, and Compensatory Movement Technique™ acts as an integrative method of program design. CST Instructors are provided with a spectrum of stock programs that allow them to begin sharing CST with their clients immediately, while simultaneously deepening their development on the road toward CST Coach.
  • CST Group Exercise Instructor: CST GX Instructors receive base level certification in specific programs in the RMAX fleet of peak performance classes. Our programs have been implemented in the “Best Gyms in America” and can be found worldwide. You need the cutting-edge to gain the competitive edge, and the Circular Strength Training® System consistently produces the most innovative and effective programs in wellness, fitness and athletic conditioning.
What do you offer beyond Circular Strength Training certifications?

We have a rich catalog of other courses with proven value and interest for personal trainers, exercise instructors and strength and conditioning specialists. These coures work on the same financial basis as the Circular Strength Training courses, and provide your community with quality, focused continuing education, all RMAX International approved and worth your students’ time and investment.

Each of the following courses can be offered in 1 or 2 day formats. The TACFIT Field Instructor and Team Leader Certification courses are offered in 2 or 3 day formats.

  • TACFIT Tactical Fitness Field Instructor and Team Leader: Tactical Fitness involves the specific mechanical, energetic and coordinative exercise selection for military, law enforcement, security, fire rescue, combat sports and martial arts. The uniqueness of Scott Sonnon’s approach is in this 26 program array in that the 96 exercises are composed of 4 levels of complexity, so that your students increase strength, power, endurance, agility, but focused toward the goal of functional motor sophistication for occupational and operational necessities.
  • Circular Strength Training Group Exercise Instructor: CSTGX combines the “three rings” of Circular Strength Training - mobility, club swinging and yoga - into one follow-along class with 3 levels of sophistication.
  • Ageless Mobility Group Exercise Instructor: A stand-out class which showcases the union of mobility and yoga, created to compensate for daily life, athletics and trauma. A mind-body approach
  • Intu-Flow Mobility Longevity Instructor: Originally designed for chiropractors, physical and massage therapists, and bodyworkers to provide a new lens on prehabilitative and post-habilitative health, and prevent the cause of rehabilitation or relapse/reinjury.
  • Prasara Yoga Instructor: The Prasara Body-Flow Instructor teaches the graceful union of Asana (structural integration) with Pranayama (breath) together to form Vinyasa (or breath-linking) together to open the 3rd modality of hatha yoga: Prasara, or “flow without thought.”
  • FlowFit Group Exercise Instructor: FlowFit Group Exercise Instructors teach a follow-along program deriving from the influence of the “5 Tibetans” combined with Scott Sonnon’s coaching with the Russian national coaches and scientists in stress physiology. Seven exercises, with four levels, elicit a biochemical adaptation improving conditioning and bolstering immuno-function.
Circular Strength Training