CST Instructor Certification

Who do Martial Art Masters, Champions and Fitness Gurus turn to when they get injured and need help?

Scott Sonnon USA National Coach, International Martial Arts Champion, International Martial Arts Hall of Fame and
National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee and Nominee

Experience the Flow directly with the Inventor of the Patented Clubbell® and the Designer of this Award Winning Fitness System!

Read what people are saying about their CST Seminiar experiences!

As of 2016 CST IC Course in North America will be conducted once a year.

2019 CST IC Course


Who is Eligible to Attend the CST Seminars?

This course is specifically designed to help you first and foremost do Clubbell® Athletics, Intu-Flow® Mobility Wellness and Prasara Yoga for yourself. Having these attributes and abilities then allows you to aid others privately or professionally, if you so choose!

  • Beginners who want instant and long-term health, strength and performance improvements. You are your first, primary and most important lifetime client: become self-coached!
  • Those who seek entry level certification as CST Instructors
  • Returning instructors seeking recertification and eligibility for Level 2 "CST Coach" and Level 3 "CST Head Coach" certification

"We can only take someone where we've been personally and only give them what we've acquired ourselves. The process of your individual athletic development translates into what you are capable of bringing to a potential client. As a result, we concentrate ourselves as Athletes First... Coaches Second. Many people attend CST Seminars exclusively for the vibrant experience of learning how to receive 100% of the health, strength and performance benefits from this powerful system." - Scott Sonnon

CST In Sports

"I have to credit my Clubbell® training. When I do Clubbell® training two or three times per week, it improves my cardio for my fights, my grip, and my forearm and shoulder strength for fighting. Clubbell® deserves special thanks."
- Andrei Arlovski, Former UFC Heavyweight Ultimate Fighting Champion

"Scott Sonnon's CST seminar is one of the best I have ever attended. I consider Coach Sonnon one of the best teachers I have ever met. Definitely worth the time and money.”
- Steve Maxwell, 2X World Masters Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Champion, Senior Russian Kettlebell Instructor, Owner of the largest BJJ gym in the North East

"The Clubbell® is the most integrated workout tool I use to train for fitness competitions. I love how much it hits my abdominals. Every exercise originates from my power house: a very real way of working out by creating skill & form in a functional manner."
- Holly Rustick, 2003 Ms. Fitness Hawaii, Ms. Fitness USA Contestant "

"The Clubbell® has replaced all of my traditional weight training, and I'm hitting much harder than ever. If you're looking for the key to your chosen sport then the Clubbell® is definitely the way to go!"
- Egan Inoue, 2X World Racquetball Champion, 2X World Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Champion, NHB Champion

"I want to say that CST is the hands-down best health and fitness system for the martial artist or MMA athlete! " - Ryan Williams, XFO (X-Treme Fighting Championships) MMA Champion

"The most significant benefits I get from my CST - overall improvement on my strength and conditioning... stronger... better recovery." - Jorge Rivera, UFC Fighter (Jorge trains CST with CST Instructor Sean Flanagan three60fitness.com)

Bells With Clubs : Clubbell Diva Sara

The 5-lb clubbell was designed with the female fitness enthusiast in mind. Women already involved with CST say that they're the ultimate tool for agility, coordination, grace and poise, not to mention an outstanding fat-burning machine and belly-flattening miracle!

Other fitness workshops give you some fast-food blitz of over-fed rote programs. If you're interested in not being in control of your life and your fitness levels, if you need to be hand-held through supposedly "easy" walk of health and strength, then go to your local neon signed gym and talk to a personal trainer.

When you're finished and you're ready for the freedom of truly Unlimited Potential, then you can come to the CST. It's not for everyone, only the people who want to be their very best and be able to both talk the talk and walk the walk in any activity.

    Personal Fitness Benefits from your CST Seminar

  • Learn how to assess your strength deficits, residual tension, structural density, & fear-reactivity and how to remove these impediments to your performance
  • Learn how to evaluate the safest protocol for your training, and get immediate results
  • Learn how to prevent injury and increase the quality of your form with Selective Tension techniques
  • Learn how to maximize your training time by properly coaching Breath Mastery
  • Learn how to craft programs designed to get the results you need and meet the goals you crave
  • Learn how to select activity specific exercises which create positive benefits without interfering with grooved skills
  • Learn educational "assistance" exercises to tweak your performance immediately
  • Get one-on-one coaching guidance directly from the inventor and Designer, Scott Sonnon, and his incredible staff of Faculty and Head Coaches from around the world!
  • Receive 15% discount on books, videos and equipment (only purchased through RMAX online shop) as soon as you pay the registration fee in full
  • When you arrive at the certification course, you will receive a 30% discount on books and videos and a 15% discount on equipment (when seminar is held in the U.S.)
  • Free Official CST T-shirt

    Benefits for those pursuing CST Certification

  • Learn how to present classes and private sessions to maximize your time and profit as a fitness professional
  • Learn how to create your own at-home performance enhancement business with your Clubbells and a notepad
  • Learn how to field critical inquiries not just about Clubbells, but about all strength and conditioning
  • Official CST Instructor Certificate authorizing you to teach
  • Detailed CST Manual containing an overview of the entire system
  • Online Marketing Support with a Private Instructor ONLY Forum with CST Marketing articles, tips and guidance
  • Listing in the International CST Instructor Locator
  • National Referral Network of Clients generated by RMAX International
  • 15% discount on RMAX books, videos and equipment


Register on-line or by mail.

Mail check to:

RMAX.tv Productions

395 Winkler Dr., Suite 200

Alpharetta, GA 30004

You will be contacted by RMAX.tv Productions with registration confirmation and details for completing your registration.

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2019 CST IC Course Registration

Due to facility constraints CST Cadre will have limited admittance. Register now to ensure your seat! No cancellations. Deposits and fee are non-refundable and non-transferable. Certification valid for 24 months from date of Course completion.

Since every certification Course presents the core competencies and teaching essentials in a new manner with different exercises and interpretation, returning (valid) certified instructors may take the course for $695.

Students failing certification may retake the course for $900 ONCE; but if failing a second time must retake course at normal tuition fee. We encourage you to register immediately to ensure your spot in the most raved-about system for physical performance enhancement, agility, coordination, balance, strength, endurance, energy, breath-easy stress relief, weight reduction, pain-free movement.

Guidelines & Policies

ATTENTION: Individuals certified in any of the certification programs by RMAX.tv Productions are required to comply with the policies and guidelines promoted by RMAX.tv Productions, as set forth in all Courses, handbooks, videos and other materials. Any individual who fails to observe these guidelines and policies, or behaves disrespectfully towards RMAX.tv Productions, its clients or staff, as determined by RMAX.tv Productions, shall forfeit all certifications obtained from RMAX.tv Productions.

It is also expected that you have read and agreed to the RMAX Legal Policy

Requirements for this Seminar

General Physical Preparation BEFORE the seminar:

  • Be able to perform 100 nonstop repetitions of each of the Clubbell® Trial by Fire exercises in under 20 minutes. The Trial by Fire movements are the single Clubbell® Mill, double Clubbell® Swipe, and two-handed Clubbell® Hammer Swing (men with 15lbs, women with 10lbs).

  • Be able to perform Intu-Flow® to the level of cardinal directions and circles with all joints, and be able to perform 14 minutes of FlowFit® Level 3.

  • Please also be familiar with the "basic three" textbooks of CST: Free to Move, The Big Book of Clubbell® Training, and Prasara Yoga: Flow Beyond Thought.

  • You are always being tested if you are pursuing CST Instructor, Coach or Head Coach certification, although the exam is different for each level. This is not a 'pay for certification' seminar. We fully expect you to meet all criteria, and we won't hesitate to fail those who do not. But please don't let our high standards scare you away from taking the course. We truly believe that your success is our success! Upon registration, you'll be given access to a private section of the RMAX Forum where our certified Coaches, Head Coaches and Faculty will be available to answer your questions and to help you prepare.

  • Pursuing certification is not mandatory, and many individuals choose to register simply to improve their CST Athleticism. If you do wish to pursue Certification, the following are your expectations DURING the seminar.

To receive CST Instructor Certification you must successfully complete and maintain the following two examinations:

I. CST Physical Competency (administered at seminar)

1. The performance of Intu-Flow® to the level of cardinal directions and circles with all joints, and the performance 16 rounds of FlowFit® Level 3 in 14 minutes all with a rating of technique (RT) of 8 or higher (on a scale of 1-10; 10 being perfect form) in breathing, structure, and movement.

(for CST Coach Certification: The performance of Intu-Flow® to the level of cardinal directions and circles with all joints, and the performance 16 rounds of FlowFit® Level 4 in 14 minutes all with a rating of technique (RT) of 8 or higher (on a scale of 1-10; 10 being perfect form) in breathing, structure, and movement.

2. Complete the Clubbell® Trial By Fire at the seminar in under 15 minutes, using 15lbs Clubbells (for men) or 10lbs Clubbells (for women).

(for CST Coach Certification: Complete the Clubbell® Trial By Fire at the seminar in under 20 minutes using 25lbs Clubbells (for men) or under 15 minutes using 20lbs Clubbells (for men) or 15lbs Clubbells (for women).

II. CST Program Design (explained and administered during the seminar)

At the seminar you must demonstrate: the ability to craft a CST program design using the 6 Degree Matrix, the ability to conduct CST Open Chain Movement Poise Analysis, and the ability to craft Compensatory Movements for the primary components of the Clubbell® Trial By Fire.

    Other Essential Registration Information
  • This certification course does not include room & board.
  • Two CLUBBELLs ( two 10 lbs clubbells for females; two 15 lbs clubbells for males) are required for the CST Certification Course. Bring them or purchase them at the Course (you must order in advance to have them when you arrive). For reasons of safety, insurance and quality, we cannot accept homemade or other substitutes. If you would like to purchase additional equipment at the Course, you may order in advance. Discounts apply. You will be contacted by RMAX.tv Productions with registration confirmation and details for completing your registration.
  • 2019 CST IC seminar will be held at


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