Read what people are saying about their CST Seminiar experiences!

“The seminar makes sense, and is something everyone should be doing in order to create a healthy functional body!” -Melvin Lim

“There is no comparison to learning by video, DVD, etc. to actually being here. The whole process is an amazing physical and mental experience. You cannot help but grow in depth and knowledge of your CST practice” -Dwight Hudson

“The CST world has been more personal journey for me, but being around and learning from all coaches has given me skill set to not only keep it at personal level, but to spread the awesome and unique world of CST.” -Shawn E Silva

“This was a tremendous learning experience for me. I now have a really clear vision of where I need to go from here to that I am “certified” ( in more ways than one ) next year .Thank you great people ,coaches and staff – it was an awesome forum!” -Carrie Thomas

“Best seminar I have ever attended. I feel so blessed to be able to participate in such a high caliber course. Thank you all.” -Tim Widzund

“Being the first time to participate on CST and TACFIT is an excellent way to learn holistic methodology for evolving techniques and develop performance.” -Rodrigo Soto Fedi

“CST is an awesome experience, the content is rich, and I believe is of great value to the fitness industry” -Keira Newton

The seminar was sensational. CST has changed my life- the information the coaches, and the movements have given me permission to regain youthful mobility, strength, and flows to carry me into my 48th year. I'm in love with the flows, and am on the journey to share this beauty , grace, poise, and energy. -Kathryn Morris

Great, much more detail of technique and program design. Very deep but understandable. Very well organize. This is my second CST seminar I have attended. It keeps getting better. I will continue to go to every seminar I can. I am a strength and conditioning coach. Having coached in the NFL, I have trained Canadian Olympic boxers and many NHL hockey players. I can honestly say this is cutting edge information that will keep my athletes ahead of their competitor. -Kerry Timko

The best seminar that I have ever participated in. The hardest I have ever worked. The only certification I truly look forward to re-certifying for. Instruction and presentation was concise and comfortable. Every moment presented and opportunity to go deeper in the work. The seminar content cleared up any concerns or questions I had from my previous training. Hard to select one part of the seminar as being great. I loved the flow of the seminar and the superb expertise. -Kathy Lucas, CST

Dynamic, Entertaining, educated methods of instruction. Instantly applicable and user friendly. The balance of input, the clarity of material was great. -Jolie Kobrinsky, CST

Thank you, Great energy and style from all the instructors. As I grow deeper into my own practice, it is such a benefit to attend the seminar and get expert advice on how to continue growing. -Christian Carson, CST

Everything I can use to take home with me, I start using now to change my life. I loved the instructors, so kind and knowledgeable. I thought the course was well organized. Wonderful, Life changing. - Catherine Betts

The new coaches made the certification very clear with info and physical activities. Educated! The Contents were awesome, especially Scott’s 3 rings of CST is genius. I will continue to come, I love CST. -Erik Melland

An amazing seminar. To really slow the movements down, I have been doing under the close support, guidance, and supervision of the coaches has taken me to a new and exciting place. I feel enriched with a depth of knowledge and feel grateful for this opportunity and blessed with what all the coaches have each shared as well as the in depth content of CST. I am excited and pumped for what’s ahead!! Thank you team! CST rocks! - Becky Bell

CST IC has been a life changing experience; I will never look at myself of body and health, ever the same. Flawless structure. Thorough, thought-out, and flawless. -Chris Twiggs

Valued the head coaches, content and the material presented. This seminar was everything and more. -Liz Holman

I found CST on the internet when I googled “neck mobility exercises” in order to deal with years of pain. I found a video of Scott Sonnon doing a neck roll. That was in 2005, and it has been a vast journey of exploration and amazing learning. I plan to include CST in my wellness coaching company. -P.A. Perez

Always a great learning experience. -Lynnette Reilly, CST

Each CST IC Seminar continues to expand my knowledge and awareness of movement 10 times more than the seminar before. -Matt Marchant, CST

Awesome- should be taught in all health care fields. The instructors that inspired me, helped me be successful. Plan to return for more. -Dr. Gary A. Bachman

Great Seminar, I came in not really knowing what to expect or understanding why I was sent, and came out with a better understanding of movement and liking the CST format. -Gary Drake

The interactive lectures interspersed with bouts of intense, illustrative activity. Given the available time, great balance of doing the work and using time in between for lectures. I learned more than I can currently express or comprehend, though its all still sinking in, with assorted “ah-ha” moments at night, in the morning. I would absolutely recommend attending this to anyone that is seriously interested in maximizing their ability to understand human movement and turn that knowledge into a health-enhancing and performance enhancing practice in their life and sport. It’s great medicine. -Eric Douglass

I loved the breakdown of the TBK movements, very helpful. I really enjoyed the format. As always a very good balance of joint mobility, clubbell training, and compensatory yoga. An amazing weekend with the CST family. Thank you to the coaching staff for the wealth of valuable knowledge and assistance. Every time I have the opportunity to gather with this family and soak up and dive into the CST world, I not only grow as a trainer but also as a person. Thank you CST family. -Kelly LaBounty

The movement screen was awesome. Soft tissue work was awesome too! Great balance. Great diversity amongst instructors, great delivery. The great thing about CST is the depth of information. No matter how much I learn and improve, I see there is still so much more. I have a lot to work on for next year. -Ryan Provencher, CST

The seminar was awesome. I am now 1 step closer to achieving my goals and dreams. It was good to see so many coaches here to help us all on our quest. Lots of hard work! And all very enjoyable. I life that there was a lot of time dedicated to how we integrate all 3 rings of CST. -Savi Sandhu

Valued being in the presence of all coaches and participants. CST is life skill. If there was ever a system that taught you to fish, this is it. The coaches generously hand you a template to teach yourself. Thank you RMAX. -Greg Howle

I enjoyed the people. All material was explained thoroughly and clearly. Preparing for this seminar gave me a new perspective on my life and lifestyle. Attending the seminar is a changing point in my life. -Mark Schoenhard

Good Pacing. Experiencing the workout/program design. Excellent new format. Emphasis of doing the work, using the three rings in sequence, were appreciated. -Garth Lynch, CST

Valued the huge support staff. Meeting the creator. - Paul Scheuer

This seminar is the most comprehensive, dynamic, and informative weekend of wellness education available. Not only is the content amazing, the delivery demonstrate the approach the content merits. My body and mind are saturated with knowledge that has permeated my sense of self. There is no price I would not pay for this kind of experience. Truly Priceless! -Emily Fisher

Only wish I could have stayed on for KB seminar and TacFit. Will be there in October/Salinas and looking forward. Was amazed at how well everything was this weekend and how much I was able to learn from all the coaches who did a great job every day. -Celso Perez

Overall impressed with the quality of people I have met here, especially the coaching staff/faculty. I appreciate the support, between Scott and core faculty, the team dynamic was palpable and refreshing. Good instructor to student ration. Having coach candidate assist worked great. -Ashaman Gray

Thank you all for a wonderful weekend, the CST system, as a health first one, is very powerful. -Anna Shum

Valued the deeper understanding of the material through lecture and movement. Fantastic coaching from all head coaches. Stellar Certification. Thanks. -Jennifer DeVilliers

“Again, I can’t say enough good things about these events. I always feel so high on life and wanting to help the world around me with my newfound knowledge and drive. It’s a damned shame we have to leave here. I feel like I am a part of something so much bigger. Thank you RMAX! This family does for me what religion is supposed to! I am now more spiritual and loving than ever.” - Jim Romig, CST

“First the whining. Never been this sore in so many different places, probably from any workshop I’ve ever attended or lost so much sleep from the nervousness of FlowFit and Trial by Fire tests. This has been the only certification I’ve attended that you really must learn and do or you fail. I didn’t just buy a diploma, I worked for it and I really hope I’ve passed. And if not for Coach Hurst’s online teaching, I wouldn’t have had a chance of passing the physical tests. The presenting coaches were extremely helpful and always there for me with a quick correction or advice or words of encouragement. The information was made easy enough for a beginner like me, but never boring, always interesting, needed, and pertinent. Everyone had a great sense of humor, which again made learning easier. I’d suggest this training to any serious person wanting improved health. Pass or fail, I’ll be returning.” - Paul Arnold

“The best investment I have ever made since starting in the fitness industry. Seeing Scott and the Faculty in person switched on the light for me, giving me a fantastic understanding of CST and its principles. This is only the first step for me in a very exciting journey.” - Craig Lawton

“I learned so much and I am humbled by the level of excellence here.” - JJ Biasucci

“I always look forward to it. There is so much great info and people of all different backgrounds. Every time, I leave with more tools, and I return in better health.” - Aaron Gottschalk, CST Coach

“I have found these seminars rather like diving down a rabbit hole into a world filled with enthusiastic, compassionate, elite athletes who truly care about the students learning and then exemplifying this philosophy and way of being throughout their lives as teachers and “regular people.”” - Peyton Auerbach, CST

“Attending this CST seminar was an absolute privilege. It brought together a lot of the information for me that I originally learned from TACFIT as far as how the Intu-Flow and compensatory yoga movements are integrated. A lot of this information was very new for me but I believe the CST design is amazing and I can’t wait to implement it.” - Kelly LaBounty

“This seminar is about so many things; mainly about evolution. Coach Sonnon is sincere and concise. He is on a mission to affect change in the world. Arm yourself with the tools to make that change, starting with yourself first.” - Rick Carranza

“Again, a fantastic and enlightening experience. Even knowing what was coming, I learned a ton. I still feel this should be 4 to 5 days.” - Matthew Tripp, CST

“Every year I am nervous to come and be in front of the people that I admire. Every time I leave, I feel more inspired to be better than I already am.” - Jesse Fairbanks, CST

“Don’t give me space to rant… you’ll regret it! Dynamic. Concise. Scalable. Sensible. What more can be said?” - Christopher Cuevas

“Excellent and I look forward to further growth. It is essential to at least attend an instructor level class for personal development and guidance. The refining and correcting of technique can only be performed by having an experienced coach evaluate one’s movement and provide guidance.” - Scott Wruck

“I could not have asked for better instruction, being completely new to personal training, and feeling a basic understanding of the CST art form. Quite possibly the happiest place on earth is a CST seminar!!!” - Robert Brister

“This is my third CST certification seminar and on my first one I did not pass. I came to my first one looking for a system to get my body back into pain free mobility. Before CST, I had experienced injury during my military service and then martial arts training and then while learning kettlebells. After my first CST seminar I knew I did not own the material but I loved the CST program. I practiced what I could remember and then came back and got certified in both CST and TACFIT. This time I came to work on my physical issues and to become a better CST Instructor. I do not learn well from DVD’s and books, so returning and spending time with the coaches has been well worth the time and money, and breaking away from my busy client schedule.” - Kyle Rourke, CST

“There is always an insight, learning that comes from going through the work. Step up and get sweaty and something will be revealed, and the coaches will point it out to you. I’ve been shown the areas I need to work, and by contemplating those tips I’ve come to further learning and insights as a result. Improving both my own practice and execution and my toolbox of cues and cheats to look out for. Always more learning available if you are open. Thank you.” - Donna Eddy, CST Coach

“The clarity with which the Faculty presents sophisticated material continues to impress me.” - Slade Billew, CST Coach

“Awesome.” - Duane Musiol, CST

“The information shared was presented in a very organized and easy to follow format. Questions were answered with great visual presentation.” - David Larpenteur

“This has been an amazing seminar. I feel like I’ve doubled my knowledge of everything CST. The 6 Degree program chart is going to help immensely in sophisticating my programming while cutting in half the time it normally takes for me when I go for CST Coach. All the coaches have been great and I look forward to returning home and continuing to work on improving my movement.” - Justin O’Brien

“This was a fantastic means of learning my weak areas.” - Martin Kelley, CST

“This course is by far the most physically demanding certification I’ve ever had. I loved Coach Sonnon’s motivational talk at the 3rd day regarding team effort and pushing beyond limits.” - Serkan Yimsel

“My best weekend in a long time. I enjoyed meeting all the phenomenal coaches in person, and being able to focus on myself. I am grateful for having found a peer group of coaches that practice what they preach. Look forward to getting into the nuts and bolts of CST and deepening my practice.” - Eva Pelegrin

“RMAX has changed my perspective on functional fitness for the better. Every time I come I learn more and more and feel that I am able to help my clients more. Thank you Scott and all of the coaches.” - Summer Huntington, CST

“Seminar two was in some ways more difficult because I understood more this time and was able to work harder and absorb more. I have not experienced anything in the last 6 months that could get my head outside of my business. I feel more refreshed after 3 days of super hard work than I have in a long time.” - David Levy

“A great learning, motivational, and hands on seminar. It answered my questions and left me with countless more, and the inspiration to figure them out.” - Casey Krupp

“One of the keys to the seminar is the collective knowledge of the Faculty. The combination of the diversity of their backgrounds and uniqueness of delivery methods assures a profound synergistic effect in the material presented. Anyone desiring a deep knowledge of CST needs to step outside of their practice, attend a seminar, then go home and practice again.” - John Belkewitch, CST

“I teach a class of 10 to 12 regular students, ages 50 to 80’s. Seeing people progress over the last 2 years has been very gratifying. The seminar continues to help me improve my ability to add to their progress.” - James Auerbach

“Thank you for sharing all your information with us, and a lot of inspiration for me. This is a unique program. It was great.” - Aydanur Sirin

“I learned more this weekend than I had anticipated. The seminar helped improve a lot of the material I had been practicing on my own. Totally worth the expense, I will be back!” - Dean McCormick

"Honestly, I can’t think of anything that could be improved upon. Amazing work, amazing Faculty. This was, by far, the best fitness or martial art seminar I've been to. I've been lucky enough not to have wasted thousands of dollars on seminars. I've been to some good seminars that were well run by knowledgeable people who obviously enjoyed the topic. This was above and beyond that. The RMAX content is unsurpassed (as most of us would agree), but even the coaching is better than I've received before. All the coaches were able to bounce ideas around to find the best way to explain the theories. Whenever a certain question was raised, one of the coaches who had a good grasp of the topic would jump in, the rest of the coaches would step aside, and all us students would get a better understanding. The coaches were also able to read the class. If we were feeling run down, if we weren't getting it, if we were frustrated, the coaches would address that. Specifically, after we went through the Trial by Fire, we were feeling rather run down as the seminar was drawing to a close, yet we still had a couple Prasara flows to get through. Coach Sonnon had us sit in a short meditation to bring ourselves back to our bodies and continue on with the work at hand. A coach has to be very in touch with his athletes to be able to know when to shift gears to get back on track.

If a person is planning on certification or not, a CST seminar is immensely valuable. Just being in the environment with likeminded people gave me an extra push to better myself as an athlete in all my endeavors." - Adam Skogen, NASM-CPT

"An endless wealth of information. No stone was left unturned in order to bring out the best in all of the participants. Non-intimidating Coaching Staff, which clears the air for better learning." - Dr. Edwin Y. Falconi, MD

"I enjoyed myself these past 3 days. I could not predict what the seminar would be like. I thought the seminar would be extremely difficult to complete and that I would not be prepared enough. The best part of my experience was the support that I received pre-seminar and during the seminar from fellow athletes, instructors and coaches. I did it because all those folks did it with me. Thank you!" -Jeffrey Samson

"I have learned so much that I can apply to my career as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and coach, and I feel that this will help me have an edge. The most valuable part of this is the increased understanding of human movement. I will take away a lot of information, but the most memorable part is the Head Coaching Staff – I look up to you guys and have a lot of respect for you." - Summer Huntington, CST

"I was amazed at the amount of improvement that I could experience in such a short time. I was challenged and I grew mentally and physically. The block on class format was priceless, as was the direct input from experienced coaches. Thanks to you I blew through barriers I didn’t even know existed before this weekend." - Dennis Haggard, CST Coach

"This art (CST) is just wonderful! And all of the Faculty Head Coaches blend magnificently. All with unique talents and presentations, yet it all works. Though I think Coach Wilson is just crazy LOL. Coach Sonnon has created a wonderful family and I am honored to be here now in this lifetime taking part in this movement of love, honor, sanity and solid wisdom." - Quentin Vaughan

"I have been practicing CST for 2.5 years. In three days the Head Coaching Staff re-taught me everything that I thought I knew and made me better. Then they showed new concepts and materials and how everything ties together. Amazing! My practice would be far more advanced if I had attended a CST IC years earlier. Better late than never! My practice will move faster for having attended Lambda. My thanks to Coach Sonnon, the Faculty Head Coaches, and all of the RMAX tribe." - Steven Ames

"As a first timer I don’t have a lot of experience at seminars, but I enjoyed the seminar immensely. It helped show me that I was understanding the material that RMAX has put out. Thank you for helping me see where I need work and helping to shore up the holes." - Dale Moss, CST

"This was my third CST IC seminar and the best so far. The level of instruction continues to improve: material is more accessible, explanations clearer, information giving and activities very well organized and coordinated. Which is not to say that any of it is easy – its still the toughest 3-day event I’ve participated in. But the holistic coaching approach and the tremendous support and encouragement from Coaches and other participants make it possible to not only endure but to go beyond what one might normally consider as one’s limits and – if not exactly enjoying it – at least being glad of it. At one point, watching and listening to the Faculty Head Coaching team, I was overcome by the thought of what was contained in that room – all the wonderful skill, expertise, personal experience, compassion and passion – and thought to myself "There’s probably nowhere else in the world where you could go and get all of this in one room!" Thanks again. You guys do a great job. If there were a country where teachers were honored above all, you guys would have the laurels." - Jeanne Gostnell, CST Coach

"The content of this IC seminar vs. the previous one was much better organized. The new CST IC manual is also easier to understand and absorb." - Camron Sawczyn, CST Coach

"The presentation and participation of all of the RMAX Coaches and Faculty Head Coaching Staff was invaluable. Each of their unique styles helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the material." - John Wolf, CST

"Overall I felt that I walked away with a better understanding of what CST is and how to better integrate it into my training. Faculty Head Coaches Sonnon, Wilson, Jones, Murdock and Hurst were very welcoming and personable. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again in August." - Thomas Mulkeen

"Wow! Really a quantum jump in the quality this time. No one thing, but the synergistic effect. If I didn’t already know you guys I would have been quite intimidated with the drive and professionalism – it was like going from the farm to the big leagues." - Connie Brown

"This message is directed to anyone interested in health and/or improved athletic performance. CST is a perfect combination of strength, endurance and flexibility training. Health and wellness should take precedence over performance. Funny thing is, performance increases as a result of this protocol. This is very important for those interested in longevity with regard to the fitness lifestyle and sport. If you’re skeptical, go out on a limb and try CST. It will change the way that you view fitness and health." - Jeffrey Higgs

"It was great to see the Faculty Head Coaches in action, to feel the integration of the 3 CST Wings, and to see that CST is not limited to martial arts or to anything else." - Raimar Mohrdieck, CST Coach

"There is a clear leadership duo underpinned by the vibrancy and energy of Head Coach Wilson balanced against the more quiet depth of Coach Sonnon. These pillars are surrounded and supported by an incredibly talented and approachable cadre of Faculty Head Coaches. Coaches Jones, Murdock and Hurst display an evident depth of understanding supported by extensive backgrounds which form a deep pool from which they can draw to guide us all in our CST journey. To put icing on the cake, this already rich cast was supported by an incredibly talented group of CST Coaches with varied backgrounds. Wonderful experience!" - Adam Steer, CST Head Coach

"Spectacular!" - Tyler Lohkemper, CST

"This was my second seminar. The presentations were still very crisp, but the difference was that the Faculty Head Coaches presented much more. I really enjoyed the interaction between all of the coaches, as well as the interaction between participants. The amount of individual attention is amazing given the class size and the amount of material. Excellent work!" - Joel Seymour, CST

"This was the best CST I’ve attended to date! Coach Sonnon’s instruction helped me cut 10 minutes off my Trial by Fire time, Coach Camron helped me achieve my first good Side Crow, Coach Hurst improved my throwing game, and I personally found a deeper well of mental strength. Many thanks to RMAX for another great experience!" - Jason Erickson, CST

It's the best fitness seminar I have ever been to in my life. It crosses the boundaries of physical and mental fitness. - Kelly Swan

I am a doctor and I discuss approaches to fitness literally 20 times a day with patients whose conditions vary from serious athletes to geriatric patients. The concept of the physical being as a unified, interlinked system totally accessible to improved health in a safe progressive manner is so exciting, and I can?t wait to start sharing it with friends, family and patients. - James H. Auerbach, MD, CST

What an incredible experience! Thanks to all of the RMAX Staff for putting on a first class event. I gained a great deal of insight about CST and it fulfilled my expectations. - Jeffry Larson, CST Coach

This seminar was even better than Iota, six months ago. The presentations were condensed and refined, and that gave us participants more time to practice. This event was definitely rewarding, worthwhile, and grueling. - Dave Owens

As a comparative newcomer to CST, I was concerned about my knowledge base prior to the seminar. However, the guidance provided prior to the seminar and on the website proved to be sufficient to adequately prepare and take advantage of the information provided. Additionally, the direct feedback from the Head Coaches and other trainers was very helpful and resulted in resolving several issues in technique performance. Fledgling CST trainees, as well as the more experienced, will benefit from participation in the seminar. - Harvey Coon, CST

The CST seminar further opened my eyes to the depth and breadth of RMAX. I have been training with CST for about a year now and I was becoming comfortable thinking that I understood most of the CST principles. The seminar flooded my mind and body with so much more information that I now understand that I am only at the beginning, and I am looking forward to the ever-evolving journey of CST. - Camron Sawczyn, CST Coach

This is my fourth IC seminar and I continue to be blown away by the development of the system and the presentation. If you haven?t been you should, and if you have been come back. - B. Slade Billew, CST Coach

The seminar far exceeded my expectations. The information was presented in such an organized and LIVELY manner that it was very easy to retain. All of the Staff Coaches kept me laughing and highly motivated. - Geoffrey Dixon

This is so much more than I ever hoped for. Fun all the way. I didn?t have one minute that was boring or that felt unnecessary. Really super! So deeply impressed!!! The material and the Staff Coaches make it fantastic. - Ola Lindblom, CST

This seminar was a life changing experience. It will definitely help with my personal training and the training of my clients. The material keeps updating and was delivered with precision. - Joseph Goss

The seminar was great. I came into it with some trepidation for I was unsure what would be demanded. I was more familiar with some of the components than others. The instructors were first rate and encouraged you to do things within not outside of your capability. Mentally it provided me with plenty ?Ah-ha? experiences and the pieces blended together. The material provided was a great foundation to have. - Anthony Papciak

A great seminar. I liked the training. The Head Coaching Staff was friendly and helpful. I learned a lot of things that I wouldn?t otherwise have learned by watching the videos.? - Harry Sorensen, CST

A real eye opener! As a long time fitness professional it?s easy to think you?ve seen it all. Not the case. This 3-winged process offers real insight into areas of health/fitness that are largely ignored by conventional methods (the status quo). Realizing that seminar represents a beginning, I look forward to implementing what I have learned into practice with my clients and in my own training. Hopefully this will infiltrate the current dogma of today?s training. - Doug Slinker, MS CSCS

Great material. Excellent instruction. I got even more out of it than I had hoped for. - Kevin Perrone

Kappa was my 3rd CST Seminar. Each seminar clearly was more sophisticated in the material. More material was delivered in an organized way so that it was easier to follow the macro view while detailing the micro. Great job by the Head Coaching Staff. - Joseph Schwartz, CST

If you ever thought that Clubbells don?t work your legs, you need to go to a seminar! The seminar was really well structured and it has given me a completely new appreciation of how well the 3-Wings of CST work together. I will without a doubt become a better athlete by applying what I have learned over the last three days. - Christian Norgaard

"Let me open this report by thanking Coach Sonnon, Coach Dan, Coach Joe, Coach Brandon and Coach Ryan for the attention and inspiration they gave me at Iota. To Nikolay and his team, awesome job on logistics.

I participated in strength sports, particularly power lifting and strongman, for over 20 years, an have close to 25 years total strength training experience. When I began exploring participating in Iota, I was fearful that I would not ?fit in? as I have deconditioned my flexibility and have zero experience in martial arts.

Arriving at Iota, I walked into a room where people were in various stages of preparation. Immediately, Coach Dan came over after registration and greeted me. After Coach Dan left, I introduced myself to the other participants around me, and they did likewise. The Coaches all have a deep trust and fondness for each other that spills over into the class, and allows you to create and cement friendships. one by one, all of the Coaches came over and introduced themselves. For all that they are and can do, they are BY FAR the MOST approachable and friendly people you will ever meet.

The days are divided into periods of lectures, then either drills or mobility movements. Some of the drills and mobilities I could do, some I had trouble with, but always there was someone there to help, guide or encourage. I learned about areas of conditioned inflexibility, and areas where I am just fearful to perform the movements, and how important breath is to creating structure and movement.

While you may think that lectures are just a ?Talking Head? preaching a theory at you, you can?t help (and are encouraged to) participate in the lectures. The lectures bring to life the black and white print, and made it real and personal for me.

I awoke each morning with a new sort of awareness of my body. It?s not the same stiffness that you get from overuse or from ?heavy? traditional workouts, but a sensation that a muscle group has been awakened or challenged. You have a sensation that the muscle hasn't been used in years, instead of that fearful feeling that it's going to hurt when you move. You really have to experience it to appreciate the feeling!

Walking into the training room on Day 2 and 3, and the energy was palpable. As more participants came in, the energy level rose. Coach Joe capitalized on that and took us through his warmup.

As a side note, I attended the additional sessions provided by Coach Joe and Coach Brandon, then one by Coach Dan and Coach Ryan. Having no martial arts background, I wanted to see how it is done. The coaches were absolutely fabulous, being able to help me out while also helping out the far more experienced.

I?ll admit that I was a bit intimidated, as Prasara seemed about as far from me as Alberto?s house in Italy. And while I am no Prasara guru by any means after these three days, I am aware of what I need to work on, how to effectively and efficiently go about it, and have the tools to make it happen. As a 220+ pound guy who is not used to being ?off his feet?, and has conditioned fear and inflexibility in the neck and traps, through a series of simple exercises had me moving almost into a full plough. There is no doubt that I will be able to perform at a much higher level, in Clubbells?, Prasara and Intu-Flow?, in November.

If you think you aren?t ready for a CST Session, you?re wrong. The time is always prime for learning and self-discovery. You will learn more in three days working under the tutelage of the coaches and with the help of fellow participants, than you will learn from studying books and DVDs. There is no substitute for this type of learning. However, be forewarned that you are there to work, and work you will!

Enough rambling. If you have any concerns or questions, PM me or reply post. Believe me, I felt like the least prepared going in, and just ?one of the Tribe? walking out. Take the leap.
You won?t be disappointed." - Joel Seymour, CST

"I thought the seminar was fantastic. Thank you to Scott, Ryan, Brandon, Joe, Dan, and Nikolay. There is such a wonderful light hearted spirit that all the coaches bring to the training. You have the sense from the very outset that these folks really want everyone there to succeed. Certainly, the training is hard but the atmosphere created by the coaches lifts everyone up. It's been said many times before that there is no substitute for live training. I think people mistakenly believe this refers mainly to refinement of the material available in the books and videos. In truth, there is substantial new material covered throughout the seminar. I particularly enjoyed the closed chain variations of the joint mobility exercises and all the fun and hard rock-it variations. Even if you have no intention of becoming a CST, you will come away well satisfied by this seminar. Thanks to all my fellow attendees. Everyone in that room was pulling for everyone else. It was a really great thing to witness all seminar long. Special thanks to my intuitive assessment group. I know the help you all gave me is going to pay big dividends in correcting some long standing imbalances in my body. I'm thrilled." - Ken Rich

"I've been studying RMAX since October '05. Despite months of preparations geared toward being ready for that seminar, I was feeling rather unsure on the drive up to Bellingham. My daily practice had recently begun to show me just how much I didn't understand about CST. I'd like to say all the mental noise went away when I started meeting the other athletes and the coaches, but its not true. But it did help, especially when Cody and others related similar feelings to mine about their first time at a CST seminar.

During the 3 days, we went through a series of alternating lectures with practice sessions, a pattern that helped keep the fatigue from building up too fast. A simplistic way to describe the lecture material would be that it started to draw a much better picture of how the 3 wings of CST (Intu-Flow?, prasara, and Clubbells?) are applied to create improvements in movement, breathing, and structure, which, when integrated, create proper form and allow flow. This is one of the things I thought I understood. I mean, I've seen the Training Hierarchy Pyramid? hundreds of times by now on the forum and in the books, and how much more often do we see the breath + movement + structure formula? But of course, there's a difference between knowing and understanding. I only knew about it. What my practice had started to reveal was that I didn't understand yet. And that it was the PERFECT time to be here.

When I finally figured that out (halfway thru day 2... i'm a little slow!) most of the remaining resistance and frustration melted away and I started to really dig the whole experience. The practice sessions were valuable on multiple levels. On one level, you get to see how the movements are supposed to be done, vs. what you might/might not catch on a video. Problem spots in your form were pointed out, and if you're not capable of a movement, the coaches were great about either helping you through it, or giving you a less challenging version to begin to get your body used to it. I noticed something else that was interesting. We often alternated Clubbell® practice with prasara. By late in day two, I was starting to notice myself getting stiff in various spots from doing things I wasn't all that used to (squatting more deeply in rockits and side semis, for example).

However, after practicing prasara later, I would notice portions of that stiffness would be gone or greatly reduced. So that gives me more to try in personal practice... if I get stiff in a given spot, can I figure out which one (or more) specific prasara movements will abate that tension? That kind of experience has direct application to client assessment, which we got a taste of late in day 3. And it also called to question where my structure was lacking (or leaking? ) with the Clubbell® practice that the tension started building up in the first place. Good experience all around. Prasara was my weakest area coming into the seminar. I was having a lot of trouble keeping up with everyone else, especially when the chains the Coaches were talking us through started getting longer and longer! But after a while, I started alternating between just trying out the movements and keeping up, and stopping to work on a small piece of the chain, and that seemed to work out pretty well. I had a great laugh one time while trying to keep up. I wasn't thinking about it, and I caught myself doing something I "knew" I couldn't do slowly (I can't remember what the starting positions are called, but it involves reaching back and coming into a bridge) I can hold a bridge almost a minute now, but when my hand came down and I was in a bridge, my brain re-engaged, expressed momentary puzzlement about this, and the next thing I knew, I whumped into the carpet! I'd have to say, at least right now, it seems like a good example of what?s possible when get out of my head (and out of my own way) for a little bit.

I've droned on enough, I'll leave it to others to fill in different details. I can only say that I got a lot of valuable experience in those three days. Can I do some stuff I couldn't do before? Absolutely. But what might be most valuable is a better understanding of what I'm actually attempting to do by learning Intu-Flow?, prasara, and Clubbells?, and how they fit together and support each other in this physical learning process I'm undergoing. I know I've got a lot of work ahead of me to figure more of it out, but I don't feel like I'm going to be flailing around like I had been. I don't think I could've come close to this feeling this quickly just trying to study the videos and read the forum. There's only so much you can get from the written word, or a photo, or a couple angles from a video. If you really want to get a good handle on CST, if you're on the fence at all, get thee to a seminar. It'll make a huge difference. My thanks again go out to Coaches Dan, Ryan, Brandon, and Joe, and of course, to the great "talking head", Coach Sonnon, for all your efforts! Much respect to Cody for the great presentation you put together! Once again to the eye in the sky, Nikolay, for the great job keeping things going smoothly. And a special thanks to my fellow participants. I'm especially looking forward to hearing about your future explorations!" - Brian Bentz

"The new 3-day format offered a great platform for an easy flowing pace for optimal intellectual understanding of the material and hands-on experience of those concepts. CST Iota?s comprehensiveness smoothly expressed the integration of the 3 wings of CST and showed fully what makes CST the most comprehensive fitness system for counter conditioning." - Sean Flanagan

"This is the most physically demanding certification I have ever attended. The CST belief system is cutting-edge, complete and very deep. Every Staff member is incredibly knowledgeable, sincerely helpful and physically able to perform everything that they teach. PS ? what an incredible leg workout!!" - Mitchell Simon, CST

"CST seminars are the Holy Grail to my education. Formal college and education rarely touch the depth and content that CST practice gives to me. Even though I will be continuing my formal education the CST program is the evolving race and the eggheads of PhD?s with pompous attitudes are the dying dinosaurs. ? Jesse Fairbanks I really enjoyed the Prasara flow sections. The various essential cues provided by the instructors helps tremendously. It?s not an exaggeration to say the material gets better every time." - Jarlo Ilano, CST Coach

"This was my third CST seminar, and the clarity and impact of the presentation continues to amaze me. Every time I return I am challenged, and my understanding of CST is deepened and reframed." - Slade Billew, CST Coach

"Overall an excellent seminar. It completely turned around the way I look at CST. Informative, inspirational and thought-provoking. I?d thoroughly recommend it." - David Nicol

"The didactic portion of the seminar was very useful. The availability of the Head Coaches was appreciated. All of my questions were answered to my satisfaction. As a chiropractor, I found many useful ideas that I can bring back to my practice Monday morning." - Mark Schmall

"Instruction was excellent! Personal attention with instructors was amazing! I came to the seminar concerned, as I have no background in martial arts and with a sense of an overall lack of flexibility. I was greeted by instructors, coaches and participants with smiles and assurance. The coaches worked with me to reaffirm the positives of what I could do, and to explore what I need to regain mobility. After the first four hours of sessions, I felt completely at ease. The coaches took the time to work with me and help me with poses. After over two decades of strength training, I realized in the sessions that I?ve been conditioned to protect areas of the body to the detriment of that area?s mobility. Only through this seminar could I have realized that! To anyone who thinks they aren?t ready, you are." - Joel Seymour, CST

"CST has allowed me to see the possibilities of growth in many dimensions when given the tools and the tribe for support and exchange of ideas. Thank you. Breaking down the components of Prasara into pieces and having the auditory cues to integrate with the movement really helped me to understand the basics of the flows. Also the idea of moving yourself around weight / pivot points helps one to feel where effort is happening." - Chris Wood

"In one word: Incredible! The Coaches walked us incrementally into performing feats many of us thought impossible. The pace was grueling, but I learned a lot." - Soheil John Ward, CST

"Like acrobats or jugglers, the RMAX Coaching Team makes what they do look effortless. Their planning, preparation and personal practice contribute to the deception, but at the same time they convey to the participants a non-judgmental support and encouragement ? along with the technical information ? that enhances the learning experience. The synthesis of the new material and the new seminar format since CST Theta makes a seamless blend of conveying content that I think is helpful to new participants. I think you almost need to attend a seminar to be able to attend a seminar, but this time the concepts seemed especially assimilable. Thanks to y?all!" - Jeanne Gostnell, CST Coach

"Nice work putting together a great seminar. Although it will take me weeks/months to even understand a fraction of what was presented over the weekend, I?ll do my best to fully understand the system and will enjoy sharing it with others. Thanks again and I?ll see you in the future. I?ll be back next year." - Scott Takenaga

"Outstanding. The material keeps evolving and refining. This is my third CST seminar, and I always learn so much more each time." - Scott Jones

"I learned so much in those 3 days that I think I?ll have to reprogram my body and mind in order to achieve future goals. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us." - Alberto Gallazzi, CST Head Coach

"I would highly recommend a CST seminar to anyone contemplating certification or looking to accelerate their CST athleticism. I have rarely worked so hard and had so much fun at the same time." - David Owens

"This was an excellent educational experience and I would recommend this seminar to anyone willing to accept a new paradigm concerning their health." - Donald G. Ferguson, CST

"I was initially nervous about this seminar. I actually found myself even more concerned after the seminar started, as concepts and exercises that I thought I understood were explained and done differently than I had become used to through my personal practice. However, after a day or so I realized I was getting in the way of learning. I found a space in my head where I could start doing the exercises and not worry about failing at them. As I let myself fail a few times, things started to click. I can?t pretend that I can do much of CST very well yet. However, I do feel like this seminar gave me a better foundation, clarification that I can take back to my personal practice to build upon. Definitely a great experience, and glad I came!" - Brian Bentz

"CST Iota was a fantastic experience. I don?t think I?ve ever learned and performed so much in a three-day period. I feel much better equipped to meet my own fitness goals as well as help others. The seminar exceeded all my expectations." - Patrick Flanagan

"Presentation of all the Coaches was top notch. After so much self study with the training materials it was wonderful to work with the Coaches and Staff directly to understand how broadly and deeply CST training can go." - Garth Reynolds, CST

"Attending a live workshop really helped clear up the information on CST. It also helped me to discover what I need to work on to improve my skills and abilities. Also, I really enjoyed the opportunity to have my questions answered by Coach Sonnon and the Staff. They are really great people and know their stuff!" - Tony Babarino

"I valued the mobility work on the first day the most, especially open/closed chains. Five days would be great! Content was excellent. Head Coaches input was excellent. They were always there when needed." - David Dambro

"A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to train with a group of dedicated CST instructors and enthusiasts, all under the most accessible coaching staff I have yet to witness. The work was very gruelling, reavealing what challenged me the most. However, as I was provided with clues and direct references about how to best utulize my breathing, movement and structure, something was taking place.
The changes showed up when I started my seasonal construction business, two days after Iota. For some strange reason, I was automatically selecting the proper tension for the manual labor tasks thoughout the day. Also, I was being breathed by the collapsing and opening up of my structure, without actively focusing on that performance goal. Further, I was using stored elastic energy to make my movements much more effecient.

This last week, I was in Jacksonville, FL for a week's vacation. Unfortunately, we picked a day to go out deep-sea fishing with 10 foot swells in the ocean. As my fellow passengers attemted to fish and be balanced, I was able to "move around the boat" as it rocked by dynamically balancing and fishing with relative ease. I found myself more sensitive to the boat's intention as I watched my fellow anglers react after their idea of balance had been broken. I also noticed that those who were sea-sick, or about to be, seemed to have the most trouble with their "sea legs."

I was also able to deal with the cold ocean water while at the beach due to the consistent reminders to breathe throughout the effort phase at Iota. For when I would first hit the water, I would usually would inhale immediately and hold my breath, apparently waiting to warm up. But this time, I was able to breathe right through the discomfort zone, enjoying the effects of the ocean's waters during a longer swim.
I also used a great deal of controlled pauses during the 14-hour drive back home, which made for a more enjoyable trip and better handling of my vehicle.

I had read in the past about how much people get out of their CST certification seminars, and I'm beginning to catch a glimpse of the great things to come with daily practice." - Don Ferguson, CST

"Scott, you are a real visionary in application of movement skill, Wellness, and Sport. Innovative, very reflective, and highly relevant. There is no better conceptual structure for accommodating health and athletic performance into one training framework."- Matt Schwartz

"I like the manual very much. CST ETA Seminar was totally enlightening, fun, and I would highly recommend a CST Seminar to anyone interested in optimal performance."- Bao D. Tran, CST Coach

"CST ETA Seminar has moved into a new level of sophistication in presenting and teaching a fully integrated program for circular strength. The integration of all the elements of CST made it an outstanding learning experience." - Billy Cook

"Match Patch and Hems. I was most challenged and learned the most during this cognitive Phase of the seminar. A lot of material. As complete as I have ever seen.
Very well presented. I actually think it "flowed well" I had a great deal of anxiety coming in to this seminar. All of my fears dissipated within the first ten minutes. I feel like I will be able to maintain this information I have learned and I am excited about this all." - Kevin Teagle DC

"Rotating Coaches is great. I’ve been to many seminars of this nature and I can say that this has been one of the most useful for what I am looking for. Most of my "basic" movements have been cleaned up. And I have achieved everything that I hope to gain from the seminar plus more." - Aaron Vyvial, (Austin, TX)

"I loved the interaction and feedback I got from the coaches and participants. Overall an incredible experience. The enthusiasm from the coaches was infectious. I’ll be back…. " - John Ward, CST

"The entire seminar was well done and adapted yet getting done what was need for quality production of Instructors. Complete coverage of full body. The small manageable groups and switching of instructors was great. Everything was great..." - Renaldo Novoa Jr.

"The best seminar yet. I continue to see and experience new nuances every time I interact with the excellent RMAX Coaching Staff." - B. Slade Billew, CST Coach

"Liked the direct instruction by different Head Coaches, Extensive content, May even be helpful to devote separate seminars to specific content. The rotation between coaches was great different flavors. Exceeded all expectations. Quality of content beyond any other personal training organization out there. Much more than just Clubbells." - Jarlo Ilano, CST

"Loved it. The focus on health and wellness as part of the prerequisite and continuum of fitness were highly relevant. Lots of great ideas and concepts for athletic development in a balanced, healthy way. Small groups with rotating instructors was a GREAT way to do it. All very knowledgeable. Scott you are a real visionary in application of movement skill, Wellness, and Sport. Innovative, very reflective, and highly relevant. There is no better conceptual structure for accommodating health and athletic performance into one training framework."- Matt Schwartz,

"Squads and rotating instructors is an excellent way to do the teaching. More interaction with each coach and multiple styles can be observed. Excellent. Delta was great, but this one (Eta) far exceeded it. The refinement and continued progression of the CST material is amazing. I can’t wait to use the new information to refine my personal practice, and that of my clients." - Scott Hagnas, CST

"Interesting new training format (rotating instructors in squads). Refinement of material and format was beneficial." - Gary Begue

"I liked the exercises and open discussion. Amazing opportunity to learn from the creator/captain, his first mates, and others of similar intention.-Invaluable." - D. Cody Fielding

"I really liked associating with the RMAX coaching staff & practitioners. The physical specific focuses were appropriate for my level & felt good. Rotation of the coaches and group work were excellent." - Scott D. Fraser

"I liked the attention to common nuances, and the openness of each participant to create and innovate. I liked the diversity, the swapping of instructors. The Seminar was not what I what I expected. It was more and full of surprises. I am flooded with info. I feel like a game of 52 card shuffle and look forward to some rest and relaxation. I am very pleases and looking forward to my exploration." - Jesse Fairbanks

"I think the seminar really helped me to understand CST. Pushed me to get past just a superficial understanding." - Josh Thompson

"Fun. Challenging. Transformative. Life-affirming. Intense. Joy through Movement and Strength and Poise. What is presented here is nothing short of a toolbox filled with instruments of positive change. Very Inspiring. I’m sure I don’t even know how much I’m taking away from this weekend, but I know it will continue to percolate for quite some time." - Kevin Cooper, DC

"Great Instructors (THANKS Dan & Brandon ) & great classmates!" - Jerry Dumblauskis

"Excellent, a terrific seminar. I found it to be the best strength & health event that I have attended. Dan & Brandon did a great job. Great learning & great fun." - Matt Jones

"My confidence in handling the Clubbells® significantly improved. I now have the tools to go deeper in my process of discovery where I need to clean my slate and recover, develop personal programs to Coordinate and Sophisticate my movement potential." - Joseph Schwartz, CST,

"Simply incredible! A fantastic, mind-blowing adventure! Getting all the personalized tips & instruction was invaluable and it was great meet + socialize with many great people. The pacing and breakdown enabled me to accomplish more in a weekend than I have in a month (maybe two); I feel very confident that I can use almost everything I learned immediately." - Jason Erickson, CST

"Hands down the best fitness seminar I've ever been to. This seminar is not "instructor certification mill". ...If you ever have the privilege, "swing on over" for one of the most comprehensive and intelligent fitness courses out there" - Thomas Grow

"Clubbells are an untapped + unmatched method of training with a wide range of applicability. Thank you for one of the best seminars I've ever attended." - Adam Cronin

"One minute with Coach Sonnon, Szolek, Chomycia or Jones is worth an hour of reading or watching a videotape. I learned so much from them. It's amazing how much you can fit into one weekend! The most I've learned in two days! Everything about the seminar and the hotel was well organized and ran very smoothly." - Casey Reilly

"To feel a sense of certainty about the future, knowing that my body is evolving to every respect fills me with a great deal of gratitude. I thank Coach Sonnon and his staff for their attention to detail and inspiring me embrace "Perpetual Health". - Mike Nash

"Seminar was very well presented. Great instructors; it was good to have extra coaches on hand." - Dave Rusin,

"Overall an excellent investment in health for sure." - Constance Brown

"This seminar was excellent... The Instructors had a wealth of information about the technical aspects of the training." - Kristann Heinz

"I enjoyed being around such a high level group of people. It pushes your level up" - Ray Krieger

"Great course. Challenging work + conceptually intense." - Peter Nathan,

"It's not only appropriate for those who want to be CST instructors. It's good for anyone who wants to transform their physical and mental being" - Brent Johnson

"An excellent way to deeper personal practice and get all the tools necessary to impact CST to others." - Antonio Torres, (Bristow, VA)

"There is such a wealth of material that is taught and demonstrated in one weekend." - Jonathan Haas

"This CST (Gamma) has been an amazing refinement and evolution of my CST and Clubbell know-how and ability. I feel like my ability to teach CST in its entirety and Clubbells specifically has improved in so many ways it would take hour to list it all. CST Gamma is the most complete and informative CST seminar yet. The next CST, based on the level of refinement experienced is a must attend!..."An incredibly rewarding experience! CST will open doors, and change some of your preconceived notions about yourself. You can't put a price on that kind of growth." - John H. Myers, RKC

"This is one of the best seminars I have ever attended. There was nothing else that can compare to the depth of knowledge that Scott Sonnon imparted to the class during the seminar. It changed my whole attitude towards training... I learned so much information from Scott Sonnon's seminar it was unbelievable. Scott's knowledge of human anatomy and performance training shown through throughout the entire seminar. Coach Doug Szolek's presentation of 45lb Clubbell Training was awe inspiring and some of his comments caused me to revamp my training from here on out. Overall my experience at the CST Gamma Seminar was the best I learned more from Scott Sonnon in one weekend than I had expected, which was a lot, and just being around Scott Sonnon and Doug Szolek lifts you up a notch and takes your performance to a higher level. With all of the knowledge you gain from them you will truly take your training to a very high level. Scott Sonnon Delivers" - Chris Rubio, RKC

"Coach Sonnon has a unique way to instill the knowledge he wants to teach in a way which we have to discover it ourselves. He is there to teach and support but makes sure it is us who make the discovery. Anyone who wants to increase the quality of their life and have the opportunity to share this special and unique gift to others, needs to come to one of Coach Sonnon's seminars. It was an honor and a privilege to be part of such a special seminar." - Charles Sproule, Martial Art/Bodybuilding Instructor

"The beauty of this seminar was that it addressed the participates holistically, not simply physically, and provided us with the tools to treat our clients in a like manner." - Slade Billew, CST Coach

"The wealth of knowledge presented in this seminar far surpassed my expectations. I am richer for having attended." - Andrew Swartz, RKC

"Thank you breaking down the current trends and thinking that are detrimental the strength and fitness in our country and first of all myself." - Reynaldo Rivero, Personal Trainer

"If you want THE tool to help you exploit your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses, learn to master the Clubbell®" - Robert Metz, Sergeant Major, US Army,

"The seminar was a mind-blowing event! It's a must for anyone who wants a healthy, active life!" - Asif Rafeek, Football Player

"Worth every penny! I can't wait until the next seminar!" - John Wolf, CST

"I cannot recommend Coach Sonnon's course and material strongly enough. Go to the next seminar and be prepared to learn more about strength and fitness than you ever thought possible. Thanks Coach!" - Michael Gannon, CST

"The workshop was fabulous. Coach Sonnon is absolutely the product as advertised: knowledgeable, approachable, superlatively skilled, smart as hell, and the originator (or re-discoverer) of a fascinating approach to fitness that connects the internal and external worlds of strength/fitness training and Martial Arts." -Steve Barnes, Martial Artist, Writer

"Hands down the BEST seminar I have participated in!" - Rufus Rankin

"I have gained so much from this seminar! Yes, it was very hard work but very worth it. I appreciated the one on one instruction between student and teacher. Whenever I needed help on a certain exercise, Coach Sonnon and his assistant Coach Szolek were right there to answer my questions. I was very impressed and pleased with this ultimate learning experience!" - Jenny Frey

"The CST seminar opened up many new doors in self-training for me; not only physically, but mentally also!" - Ana Vizcarra,

"A lot of ideas have opened up for me. I'm privileged to have had this opportunity. I hope to keep this learning process going. Scott's methods and ideas are what interest me!" - Billy Fletcher, Personal Trainer & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Player

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