Two Flowdays in Germany!

August 10, 2008 – 4:17 am

This just in from one of the most fascinating students I have ever had!

Two Flowdays in Germany

“At the 04. and August 2008, Coach Sonnon gave the first CST Seminar in Germany. Dr. Hermann Korte’s Choice of Champions brought Scott to Germany and hosted him at Dr. Korte’s gym in Haltern for two days of learning and overcoming boundaries, surpassing limitations.

Hermann and Sandra Korte, the owners of Choice of Champions, do their work with the strong heart of sports athletes. Sport comes first. The seminar was very well organized. We participants could fully concentrate on the sport. Dr. Hermann Korte took care for the rest.

I have seen the coach in videos in the internet, read his articles and watched his DVDs. Everything was very impressive, so I took my chance to train under Coach Sonnon.

In my experience, there are many impressive athletes who teach people. But they achieve high performance with only the athletes of the seminar. These seminars are only good for 15% of the group. The top 15%. The rest go home frustrated.

Coach Sonnon is different. His athletic performance is very impressive. But his teaching method exceed even his athleticism. The coach is constantly debugging his students. He sees why the body cannot perform the movement correctly and of course he knows what to do. Very satisfying for our group.

It is very helpful to learn how the body can be trained to reach its full potential. Scott knew how to do it for every attendee of the seminar.

Coach Sonnon has teached one day Clubbells and one day Kettlebell techniques. Always in combination with his profound knowledge of mobility training. This combination is rocking. Everyone exceeded his personal records.


[Photo: the Crew of Choice of Champions, with Scott Sonnon; Rolf of Fit-Over-40 on his left.]

Coach’s Warmup and Warm-down routines specially designed for Kettlebell training are outstanding. It makes a big difference over the long time to prepare to body for the game with kettlebells or Clubbells. I will integrate this knowledge in my Fit-over-40 kettlebell program.

In summary, we got much more as we expected. Scott Sonnon is a international champion not only in Sambo, but also as a teacher and coach. I strongly recommend his work for reaching your personal goals in mobility, endurance and strength training. Thank you, coach.”

Rolf Pickelmann
Founder of the Fit-over-40 Kettlebell programme


Danke Schoen, Rolf! See you in December at my next German Workshop!!

Flow Thyself™,


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