Be Breathed™

" About two years ago I worked with eight of my students to help prepare them for the assent to the top of Kilimanjaro. Of the eight two had failed to make the full assent once and one had failed twice. The other five had all made the assent successfully at least once and one man had made it three times.

I shared with them the Be Breathed DVD and we practiced together for eight weeks prior to their attempt. The only adaptation I made was to work with them to use performance breathing while they walked. We trained at Arusha which is about 4000 feet above sea level. Another eight people joined the group for the assent who had not trained with Be Breathed, all of whom were from Dar Es Salaam (at sea level) and who had trained conventionally.

All eight of my students made the assent successfully and those who had made the assent before said that this was by far the easiest time they had going up the mountain.The three who had failed said that they had no problems this time and while the assent was strenuous, they never felt that it was beyond them and they had plenty of energy this time.

Of the eight that came from Dar, two failed the assent. By the second day my group was teaching Be Breathed to the other group to aid them.

This was of course just one event, but it showed me that Be Breathed was an important tool in working with people at higher altitudes." - Mushtaq Ali

"...a viable and effective health and fitness methodology requiring no equipment.." - Marty Gallagher,  a World Powerlifting Champion and Fitness Expert, Washington Post Fitness Journalist.

 "... informative, easy to understand, and the demonstrations skillfully made...”- Dan Rutz, former CNN Senior Medical Correspondent

"…I breathe differently now…I am able to train hard now for longer than most of my classmates, and every day I see further improvement… I know this sounds like a pitch. I feel awkward writing it because it smacks of all those late night infomercials on cable, but I really owe Scott a lot for what he’s done for my training and, as a result, my life. Hell, TRAINING IS MY LIFE." - Andreh Anderson, Martial Artist, USA Dave Ross

“The Russian fitness program makes the American fitness system sooooooooo obsolete! I am learning to "Be Breathed." – Dave Ross

“The goal of this program is "Perpetual Exercise", that is taking this routine and using the principals in your normal daily life. It teaches you to use your movement to breathe you, oppose to making breathing a conscious activity. By doing this, you give your body more energy by using your breathing more efficiently as you integrate it with your movement and alignment. This is a breathing re-education! But also, this program will lubricate and expand the range of motion in your spine. Moreover, this program will strengthen your "core" muscles, beyond the best Pilates program(I should know...I teach Pilates and was trained in Stott Core Conditioning). Mr. Sonnon, initially gives you the theory behind this program and presents his audience with "THE Perpetual" movement behind this breathing re-education concept. Then he shows five skills(Butterfly, Pike, Straddle, Hurdler, Shinbox twist) to enhance your perpetual exercise. It goes from complex to more complex. The movements are simple in understanding, yet challenging in practice. If you are familiar with basic Pilates movements, you'll find all the skills to be similar to the "Roll up" and "Rollover". Yet, they are more challenging or sophistocated. The goal is not core conditioning, it's a by-product of this breathing re-education program. Again, it's about allowing your movement to breathe you! "It's not the finger pointing, but the moon". - Robert Verdell, yoga instructor