"I’ve been using the FlowFit® program now for almost a year. I received a copy from the outreach program you established for military members, and I’ve been completely…no, MORE than completely (figuratively, of course) satisfied.

I started my career as an infantryman, doing what most infantrymen do: lots of beat-down work outs, tons of foot marching, falling from airplanes, and the like. Bottom line is that my knees took quite the beating. So, after some injuries, I reclassified to a new job that was a little more knee friendly and allowed some well-balanced healing time. It was during this period that I came across your offer and thought that it was a change I’d be willing to try.

Since then, my wife and I have been doing it to find that we’re generally healthier, happier, and more agile all around. My injuries have healed nicely due to the combination of the physical therapy, improved flexibility, and a more holistic workout. I still enjoy my weight lifting and sports, but now, I have an enhanced lifestyle with the use of your product.

Thank you very much for providing this as a service to the military folks, such as myself. It is a wonderful outreach, and I continue to sing your praises to my colleagues (so, also a good business strategy, hopefully)". -Richard Moyers

“I received FlowFit® today and it is an awesome series within Prasara Body-Flow™, as well as a stand-alone introductory course. I don't care who says you can only get stronger with weight training, this program will build a STRONG body! Not to mention the ROM, coordination, balance, athleticism, and overall bodymind awareness benefits. The greatest characteristic of FlowFit®, however, is it's thorough explanation of Intuitive training. It shows how to break down an exercise into it's components to ensure the quickest and most efficient route to internalization of the movements. Bravo!” - Ryan Williams

“I really think this is the best program I have seen. The approach to training, the exercises selected, and the coaching is incredible. Makes me want to get a big screen plasma TV for it, it's that good.” – Terry Trahan

“I received my copy of FlowFit® today as well. I've watched the entire thing, tried all the exercises at the multiple levels, and gone through the beginner phase. I can comfortably do some of the exercises at the second level but will need to stick at the first level for a few of them, for now. I'm very very impressed with FlowFit®. The plain background and soft blue color really help you focus on the exercises and not get distracted. The audio quality is very good; you never have to strain to hear Coach's voice while he goes through the exercises. I also really like the layout of the menus, very simple yet efficient. The introduction was very well worded. Intuitive training was explained well and was simple to understand. Each of the exercises is explained wonderfully. Once again, very easy to understand.

Coach goes through them at the perfect speed to follow along, I hardly ever found myself confused and I consider myself a true beginner to RMAX products. As was said before, they look much easier then they actually are. I had a pretty good sweat going after trying them all out and that wasn't even going through the actual flows. Watching Coach Sonnon work through the flows answered all the questions I had while playing with the individual exercises. I think people will have no problem following along. All in all I think FlowFit® is a wonderful product! It's going to be very exciting implementing it into my life. It's another great exercise routine that can be brought with you anywhere, requires no equipment once you move beyond the beginner levels (although you can find a good sturdy base almost anyway if you're at the beginner level), and leaves you feeling great. Although I think my couple months of Intu-Flow™ experience really helped with the exercises, someone with no RMAX experience at all can jump right into FlowFit® and get a LOT out of it. It's seems to be a great introduction into what RMAX can offer. Congratulation guys! Absolutely terrific work!” - Todd Erven

"Joseph Pilates taught us that it all begins inside, but he never gave use a tool. This does. Moreover, it forces you “into the moment”. Right here and right now. It’s a place where some dare to tread and other just don’t know how. This will teach you. Yoga, folks! ….The DVD also includes great flows that combine the individual movements in a kinetic chain or vinyasa. Any yes, there is something for everyone. Even the most elementary flow looks as if it’s a mini-ballet." – Robert Verdell

“This is a phenomenal program. The concept that exercise is an internal experience with a clear means of gauging that experience is paramount to CST. It is the notion that we are our best teacher, we just have to listen and observe. I find the instruction outstanding. The clear and concise means of incremental sophistication is the exact process I like about RMAX material. I may not be a great athlete, but with a clear road map I can realize my potential.” – Joseph Shwartz

After my 2nd session of FlowFit®, I couldn't be more pleased! I woke up in such a crazy mood this morning I couldn't believe it. One of those moods where you're really quiet, and nothing's changed on the surface, but then you realize by the reactions of others that you suddenly have new strength. The kind of strength that allows you to be your own master, judge and deliberate and not be swept along with the opinions and desires of someone else. It's good to be doing what you can to be of service, but it's fantastic that you could step back inside and decide what is the real good and not be emotionally bullied. I didn't even realize that part of me was just going along for the sakes of peace and quiet. I'd guess we all do this, at least to some degree. Thanks, Scott, for coming up with this, that can give me this additional strength. Your friend,” - Peter Nguyen

"Excellent workout - much more accessible than yoga. I just got this DVD and have only tried a couple of the exercises. The first thing that strikes me is that Sonnon demonstrates beginning to advanced levels of each exercise. I think that most people (even who are out of shape) can do at least the beginning level exercises. The more advanced exercises will pose a challenge to many. One of my problems with yoga has always been that it is very difficult for beginners to do correctly. Some teachers may be good at helping people along, and there are props, but it can be so challenging that beginners who aren't flexible and strong already drop out.

The introduction to the DVD is really important and not fluff at all. I particularly love the way Sonnon draws a distinction between discomfort, effort, and correct form. I think confusion around this is why many of my friends have injured themselves in the gym.

I think a lot of people in the US also neglect areas of fitness - focusing on building muscle without flexibility or working cardio to the detriment of muscle. Don't even get me started on the women who do endless thigh adductor exercises and do rapid tiny steps on stairclimbers - the muscle imbalances they are creating will bite many of them some day. Fitness, as defined academically by sports medicine professionals, includes strength, body composition, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and coordination. I think this program is well suited to work on each area of fitness.

Beyond the academic definitions of fitness there is the promised shortcut to reaching the flow state - as laid out by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. This is where you become absorbed into what you are doing and reach a state of peak performance. While I have yet to work with the exercises in this video at length, I believe the combination of breathing practice, yogic exercise, and focus on internal states are a good way to reach flow. Sonnon suggests that working out 14-18 minutes with this program at the proper level of effort is enough to access the flow state and achieve a positive endocrine-immune system response. This is an absolutely reasonable assertion provided one follows the mental and physical suggestions given. It may takke a few sessions of learning the exercises before this is possible - but everything worthwhile takes effort.

I plan on working with the exercises along with my normal martial arts practice over the next few months. I am attracted to bodyweight-based exercises that build strength. I don't really like the gym experience and have always seen lifting weights as a necessary evil." - J Moore "hierophant"

"This DVD was very easy to watch and understand, the music added synergy. The instructions clear and demonstrations simple. The dialogue very easy to listen to and calming which complements the exercise. The teachers method of instruction is great. The routines were stepped well from easy to more challenging, a fantastic way to strengthen your mind and body. " - By Leanne Chin

"Effective, elegant and scalable. I would, quite honestly, recommend this to anyone. Yes, I'm one of those CST people, and no, I'm not brainwashed. I'm a skeptic by nature. The exercises are presented in a form that anyone can do them, starting with a "prop" for balance and ease, and moving incrementally to the unassisted exercise. The selection and sequencing of exercises is really quite brilliant - performing them PROPERLY (there is help in doing this, both on the DVD and online) is a very thorough workout. The rhythm is also calming to the mind once learned. The moves work the muscles nicely, but in building the sequence it's very clear that much work was put into the balance, flexibility and suppleness that goes along with the muscular work. Definitely not pure grunt, but rather a wholistic approach to the use and training of all the body's abilities. (I'm not saying it's the "ultimate everything," just that it's excellent and has very broad applications.) For someone who isn't "athletic" and doesn't want to be, this is still a very good choice, perhaps one of the best. No equipment except for the "prop" used as an assist in the beginning work on the DVD, and a chair would do for this. You can do it anywhere, you'll see better returns the more you practice, and the gains in health, fitness and energy are pretty much unavoidable by my experience. Definitely worth a go." - K. D. Jones "KD"

"This product is for anyone, from a complete couch potato to a seasoned athlete. While I am not a martial artist by any means (I'm a strength athlete), working with this product has increased my endurance, mobility and strength. The exercise range from the simple to the advanced, and you are encouraged to put them together into Flows. Be warned, just because a movement is simple doesn't mean it's easy, and just because something isn't easy doesn't mean it's impossible! I highly recommend this for anyone who want to improve their fitness, or for anyone who thinks they are at the top of their game. " - Joel Seymour

"I have been using FlowFit® since May, 2006. The regular practice of the exercises contained on this DVD has allowed me to have greater endurance so that I have more energy left for play at the end of my workday. My overall health has improved in that my flexibility has increased along with my endurance. I recommend it to my patients because once they learn it, they can practice it almost anywhere. That means that everyone from stay-at-home parents to travelling execs may benefit. Because the exercises are broken into skill levels and Coach Sonnon provides instruction on intuitive training, there is a starting place for the vast majority of individuals." - Dr. K. Woodall

"Having used fitness videos before, been a member of various gyms, and a client of a personal trainer, I can attest that the quality of instruction on Flow Fit is some of the best there is. You are your own best "personal trainer", and along with the exercises, Coach Sonnon explains how to discover and develop that capability. I started with this DVD as suggested, just learning the exercises, then began to put them together into "flows". I have an active exercise life: Martial arts, cycling, lots of walking and some weight training, but the first few sessions, I lasted maybe 5 minutes at one level above the most basic. After three months of workouts with Flow Fit about twice a week, I'm good for 20+ minutes at level 3. Soon, I'll advance at least partly up to the next level. The "bonus" is that the strength, agility and resilience this program develops translates into and benefits even the most ordinary activities of daily life, from playing with the pets or kids, to loading the dishwasher." - J. Gostnell

"Best body flow warm-up. If you are a Jiu-Jitsu player, and need a great, powerful, and extremely beneficial warm-up, Sonnon has giving you 7 powerful warm-up and 4 levels for each warm-up. I have stopped my other warm-ups because of the beneficial body flow movements that Scott Sonnon has put together. I have seen only one other person with such powerful body flow movements, that is Rickson Gracie, and he has only shown me two (note: those two are shown in Flow-Fit). Scott Sonnon just may be the next evolution in body flow movement training. O.K. this is for the BJJ players, if you like Ginastica Natual by Alvaro Romano (that is if you can find a copy) then you will love Flow-Fit, because the warn-ups translate into improving your fight game. Good luck and see you on the mat. " - J. Brannum "Zoo"

"I've been using FlowFit® in my personal life since its release and because of the excellent results that were experienced, have been recommending it to my patients for about a year. The results obtained include better endurance, increased strength, increased flexibility, and an improved muscle/fat ratio. I highly recommend the program because it is easy to learn and once learned, can be done practically anywhere. My patients love the results they get with performing it in just 3 20-minute sessions each week and often comment that it seems to increase their ability to perform in other areas of their life too. Regardless of current conditioning, it is something that I feel confident will take them to the next level of fitness and performance. FlowFit has become a valuable training tool that I would recommend to almost anyone wanting to gain or maintain better health and fitness." - Dr. Kathryn J. Woodall

"I have been training people in one-on-one and class settings using FlowFit for a few months now. FlowFit® transforms people like no other calisthenics or weight program I've ever seen. Instead of linear movements designed only to tire a person out, FlowFit addresses all three dimensions to make the participant ready to face any unpredictable physical challenge -- and gives one heck of a workout. All this is accomplished with almost no risk of injury. The same cannot be said of standard conditioning programs used in the military and elsewhere". - Adam Skogen, CST, NASM-CPT.

“I was introduced to CST and Rmax about 4 years ago. I literally stumbled across it on the Internet and was intrigued. Being a martial artist and swordfighter, I was fascinated with the Clubbells and the joint mobility program at the time Warrior Wellness. As I studied the material I bought Be Breathed to help me understand more on Breathing Structure and Alignment. My energy, strength and endurance increased and I felt great. Most of the joint pain I had was gone. Life was good. Then I was deployed to the Middle East for Operation Iraqi Freedom. I’ve been in the National Guard my entire adult life. I can’t ever remember not being in the Guard. My whole life schedule revolved around Drill Dates. Being a soldier is what I am.

So when I was packing things to go to the Gulf, I threw in my pair of 25# Clubbells and my meager collection of RMAX DVD’s. About 3 months into the deployment, I received a gift certificate from some friends from Amazon.com. I looked into the Flow Fit and thought it might be something else to help me out with my workouts. I had been using the Clubbells and Warrior Wellness at the time and walking as my primary means of physical training. I thought that Flow Fit might be a good addition to my program. Besides, it would be a gift.

When Flow Fit arrived in the mail, I sat in my bunk and watched it on my laptop and said to myself that” this looks easy and there is no way it can do what Coach Sonnon says it can.” I mean I had been working out pretty hard in the desert; swinging Clubbells, walking 4 miles a day. How hard could those little exercises that Coach Sonnon presented in Flow Fit be? So like the hard headed man I am, I immediately jumped into Level 2 and after about 5 rounds stumbled over to the laptop and started the DVD over at level 1. I stayed there for about 2 months before I felt comfortable to move back up to level 2 and then it was in sections. I wasn’t ready for the full effect and pretty much stayed at level 2 for the rest of the deployment.

Flow fit has helped me increase my mobility, my endurance. Combined with Intu-Flow (the updated Warrior Wellness), Flow fit has the advantage of being an almost perfect system. For soldiers who are mobilized, this is an outstanding program for fitness. With needing only, a small area to workout in (I did Flow Fit in my bunk area), a minimum time (at least 20 Min 3 times a week) and no special equipment (other than maybe a PT mat) Flow fit makes a perfect addition to the military’s Physical Fitness Program. As an example, with out any special preparation for the APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test), using primarily Flow Fit, I increased my pushups by 15 repetitions and sit-ups by 12. And as I have a walking profile due to arthritis in my knee, I feel that it has strengthened the joint enough that I now rarely take medication for pain. Flow fit came in real handy when I was stationed in Balad, Iraq. Working nights, it was difficult to make it to the gym so I did my 20 minutes of Flow fit in the barracks. It kept me sane and helped burn off lots of nervous energy.

Flow Fit would be a prefect workout for unit training as well. While relatively self paced, it can be tailored for unit PT. I recommend Flow Fit to all my friends and family who come to me looking to start a weight loss/fitness lifestyle change.” - Dale Moss, Certified CST Instructor, Black Belt in Shotokan Karate system and member of the JOKF (Japanese Okinawa Karate Federation), Member of the Society Creative Anachronism (SCA) 23 years heavy armored Combat, Member of the Mississippi Army National Guard for 25 Years -- rank of SSG, Former Unit Fitness Trainer, Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom (2006-2007)

"Dear Rmax Staff,

After I developed a chronic injury from running, I was searching for an exercise that would challenge me, but not bore me. I also wanted to regain the resilience that my body had when I was a child. Not long after I was introduced to Rmax by fellow enthusiasts, Flowfit was released. After some introduction to Rmax, I knew Flowfit would be very special. I learned that no matter what your fitness level, you can perform this exercise. I found that I needed to start at the beginning level to get the instructions right, even though I considered myself "fit".

As a result I have embarked on the life long path of learning how to use my whole body efficiently and effectively while moving. Each time I practice this exercise is like a meditation, and I learn something new. Surely, you can learn how to do this in other activities like dance, or martial arts. In my humble opinion Flowfit is a distillation of movement to the most fundamental blocks, where one can really hone the skills of developing body unity, in a short time and a small space. All you need is your body and an open mind to get started.

FlowFit® is not simply for the purpose of burning excess calories. If you follow Scott Sonnon’s instructions correctly you will learn how to work more efficiently. That is you will be able to use your own breathing, structure, and movement to perform work. This will carry into everything you do. As I have practiced Flowfit, I have been continually learning and refining my movements to move on to higher levels of sophistication. Now I am able to work longer and harder at tasks that are labor intensive. Along the way your body adapts to the demands of the different levels. I began to develop a springy quality in the movement, which is key to not wasting energy. I really enjoy Flowfit, because I can exercise at whatever level I want depending on my energy or fitness level.
Sincerely," - Justin James

"As for FlowFit®, if I'm in a funk, have had a tough work day, need to unwind the body, clear the mind, then I do FlowFit®. Sometimes for the 15 minutes, sometimes five or six rounds, but I always feel cleansed afterwards. It is in my opinion a RMAX signature program. In fact, the other day I was over at a park accompanying my son while he skateboarded and engaged in some FlowFit® (putting a novel aside) and twice someone came up to me and asked, "What in the world?"" - Kevin Lee Dougherty

"The wonderful thing about the FlowFit® program is that it really works! I have used it myself since it was first released and I have seen incredible improvements in my agility, range of motion, cardio-respiratory endurance and overall robustness. I haven’t been able to move like this in years! Because FlowFit® works the body in its “six degrees of freedom”, it can be used as a stand-alone exercise program, or a warm-up for any other physical activity. In addition, the incrementally progressive manner in which it is presented makes FlowFit® safe for people of all ages and fitness levels. FlowFit® requires no exercise equipment and can be performed almost anywhere, at home or when traveling. I recommend it to patients in my chiropractic practice, and anyone else interested in improving their overall general physical fitness preparation." - Dr. Mitch Simon, Chiropractic Physician

"The Flowfit DVD warrants two 5-Star ratings. The first for the actual DVD. The quality of production and teaching is excellent. I remember when I first opened up the package and put it in the DVD player, I was able to learn quickly with understanding the program that Scott Sonnon has created. His introduction of how to use the program helps any student to progress through the four levels of the kinetically-chained seven exercises or "movements" that make up Flowfit. My second 5-Stars goes the program itself. I am doing Flowfit three times a week as proscribed in the DVD for the necessary 15 or so minutes. I can not overstate the benefits I have obtained by doing Flowfit; physically, mentally and even emotionally. The exercises that Sonnon has developed thoroughly works your body in what he calls the Six Degrees of Freedom. My martial arts has improved remarkable and the I haven't felt more limber and agile in many years and I am 49. The great thing about Flowfit is that you don't really need any equipment or expensive gym membership. Moving your own body weight gracefully in all its possible dimensions and directions (The Six Degrees of Freedom) has a remarkable synergistic effect. I truly see and 'feel' the results of this great program. Scott Sonnon is the founder of a organization and forum, RMAXinternational that proscribes to a physical fitness culture that is health-first oriented as opposed to physique-first which most physical fitness systems stress. Flowfit will definitely improve your overall health, but yes, you're physique (and agility and flexibility) will improve, too. I also do Flowfit when I'm in a funk, have had a bad day, need a warm up for other physical activity like my martial arts class, or a form of moving meditation. It's a wisely chosen name, Flowfit: Getting 'fit' through 'flow'". - Kevin Lee Dougherty

"Lately, I've really been enjoying FlowFit as both a stand-alone workout and also as a warm-up before my martial art classes (I study a Korean art called Ho Kuk Mu Sul). Heck, many times I find myself doing FlowFit just for plain fun. I believe in this product so much that I actually wrote a review at Amazon.com (5-starred it of course).
Anyway, not looking for accolades or anything, I just needed to post this: For my family summer vacation this year, we stayed in a mountain cabin in the high Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. The cabin was just over 7,000 feet. About a thousand feet above the cabin, there was interesting rock formations with caves. My wife, son and I made out way up to them to enjoy the incredible view towards Bear Valley and Lake Alpine. While sitting in one of the caves (yes, there was actual bear scat), I decided to limber up after the hike by doing FlowFit which believe me is very, very tough in the thin atmosphere of 8,000'. Somehow, I got deeply meditative in the flow and finished exhaustively 16 rounds and was as naturally high as I've ever been. It didn't dawn on me until later that it is possible that I completed a session of FlowFit at one of the highest elevations that it has been attempted.
Please, if you ever find yourselves in the mountains, do FlowFit! You will be elated!
Thank you" - Kevin Lee Dougherty