Prasara: Flow Without Thought™ 2-DVD set
Prasara Performance Overview and Breathing Lecture



“Blows my brain away!!!!! Just got Prasara™....awesome to the max! Customer/student for life here.” - Charlie McCarthy, Beverly, MA, USA
“The material on the DVD's is excellent. Both production and content.” – Tom Hilliard, Bricktown, NJ, USA
"While at first glance Prasara™ appears to be a movement routine presumably designed to increase range of motion and core strength, the rewards of the program do indeed meet those goals, and go far beyond them. The heart of the matter is an extremely sophisticated approach to breathing, with potential results that enhance virtually aspects of human life." -
Kirik Jenness, Owner, NAGA Commissioner, Author of Fighter's Notebook and Fit to Fight, MA, USA

"I was blessed with an advanced pre-released copy of Prasara™. It totally rocks on so many levels!
Prasara’s visual appeal resonates throughout the film as you watch Coach Sonnon flow through several sequences of postures in a variety of outdoor vistas. The mystical sounds reverberate in the background like your heart beating. As if it were not enough for your senses to experience on the purely esoteric level, Coach Scott Sonnon creates a platform for the intellect and the heart to unite in this documentary. He explains flow without thought—Prasara—elaborately. Flow happens by manipulating breathing and structure to effect movement. To further understand the connections Coach gives a solid foundation of the Breath Mastery Scale.
One of the most important aspects presented, I think, is the demystifying aspect of mastery. Mastery he explains is temporary and momentary and achievable. This is an important point for the beginner and experienced practitioner alike. When watching Coach’s Prasara sequences it is a must to realize that it can be brought to your own practice and how you do that is illuminated throughout this film.
This is an important step in physical culture because it is not only a presentation for the physical practitioner to deepen his/her practice on the mat but it illuminates the importance of how to let go and surrender our residual tension (both emotional and physical) in order to bring this practice to life’s challenges and joys.
Personally working towards this end through yoga I am so pleased to see Prasara. It is a blessing to the yoga community to illuminate the core of this practice. The core being surrender and release balanced with effort and action in order to achieve union with the Divine—the Divine being innate within everyone. Prasara’s essence is this balance.
 One thing I forgot to mention is the importance of the steps towards Prasara. In the yoga community asana practice seems to be the beginning of a physical journey yet, I see our need to step back given our cultural conditioning being different than when asanas were designed as cleansers for the body that become littered with toxins (physically and otherwise). This is still valid today, of course, however the need may be greater to prepare the body and mind given our current existence with tools like Warrior Wellness™ and Be Breathed™ and Breath Mastery Scale. As many of us can attest the baby steps involved result in strength and flexibility and ease alot quicker than if we were to force it to happen through excessive stretching programs, strength programs etc. Ultimately these baby steps give us access to Prasara wherever we are along the path.
In the words of Sri Swami Satchidananda:
'What we need is strength of steel, but with steel's flexibility--not like crude iron, which is very strong and hard but breaks. The body must be so supple it can bend any way you want it to. Such a body will always be healthy and tension free. The moment we sit down for meditation in a body, we'll forget it.
In order to acheive such a meditative pose, we may practice many preliminary cultural poses. This is why Hatha Yoga was created.'
Our culture today has different needs than it did 2000 years ago. How can we achieve supple strength? " - Dianne Germain, Yoga Teacher, Easthampton, MA, USA
“Anyone who knows of Scott Sonnon and his work in the fields of functional strength training, multi-planar mobility and all-round physical excellence will be aware just how beneficial his methods and approach can be in
developing true holistic fitness. Anyone who has seen the fluidity and control of his movements is left with no doubt that he is some way along the road towards unlocking the potential of the human body.

Sonnon, much like most of us, is captivated by mastering movement, having realised that achieving and maintaining a natural ‘bodyflow’ is the key to effective, powerful and effortless mobility. Dubbed a ‘kinetic genius’, Sonnon and his huge RMAX community have also displayed a great respect and admiration for the practice of parkour, observing that our discipline engenders precisely the type of functional ability and flow that Sonnon’s methodology aims to create and refine in its own practitioners. I, for one, have found that a considerable harmony exists between the principles of parkour and the fluid approach to training laid out by Scott Sonnon, and anyone interested in deepening their understanding of how anatomical structure, movement and breathing interact will stand to gain a great deal
from even a brief foray into this man’s world.

Prasara (Sanskrit for ‘flow without thought’) is Sonnon’s most recent evolution and may seem to resemble a moving form of yoga. However, where Prasara differs from yoga is that it concentrates on the transitional phases between asanas (static poses), emphasising that it is only through mobility training that one can achieve full and competent mobility. This 2-DVD set provides an introduction to Prasara and Sonnon’s train of thought on
movement and flow, presenting five patterns of practice interspersed with his insights gleaned from a lifetime of researching and mastering the physical vessel. While it doesn’t offer a thorough breakdown of each set of
movements and so is not an instructional piece per se, it does serve as a useful guide to some of Sonnon’s more advanced theories.

For anyone who is truly motivated to realise their own physical potential, or even simply wants to improve their mobility, fluidity and functional strength, the ideas of Scott Sonnon are worth a long, hard look..” – Dan Edwards, Urban FreeFlow online Magazine (, United Kingdom


"Just got finished watching the Prasara™ DVD, and I have to say that I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Considering that this is part of a brilliant synthesis of physical and mental arts Coach Sonnon’s been creating over the last few years, I’d say that if someone showed me this video, they could sell me a story that it represented the secret teachings of some ancient Indian warrior sect. What we have here is five superlative series of motions, demonstrated by Scott, interspersed with commentary on the internal processes tapped to create and perform them.
It’s RMAX’s most beautifully shot video, but it’s not really instructional in nature. Someone willing to do the work can certainly learn from it, but it’s most certainly not a beginner’s video. But dear lord, if you have “Warrior Wellness™,” “Body Flow” and, say “Be Breathed™,” and grab a copy of BKS Iyengar’s classic “Light On Yoga” what you may very well have here is the clearest road to physical mastery ever offered to the general public—but it’s not a “fitness” video.
What it may well be is the highest-level of physical motion I’ve ever seen committed to video in an instructional context. A person who can walk this path to the point they can perform the five Prasara sets is, for all practical purposes, a master of his body-mind connection, ready to excel in any sport or martial art imaginable..
I think that once understood and performed with graceful power and breath control, you’ll see what it is that Scott sees, more purely than with any of his other work. And combine it with Softwork? The makings of an internal martial art unlike anything the West has ever developed. This will undoubtedly open a floodgate of imitators, but also of other explorers taking Scott’s work to new levels.

What Yoga is in static form, Prasara seems to be as a moving, dynamic wave-form. But because it incorporates classic yoga poses explicitly, students can access a billion man-years of research and experience—countless books and videos that can be re-interpreted now, and understood from completely different directions. This is breakthrough stuff, and Coach Sonnon deserves the utmost respect for the accomplishment—and for respecting us enough to put it out there un-diluted. Prasara is a serious “10” on my Wow-meter, folks.
Mastery is no longer a mere promise, or distant dream of grace and power. 

This revolutionary new movement incorporates both traditional yoga postures and Vinyasa (meaning  "to place in a special way" and refers to consciously synchronizing breath with movement and structure.) Coach Sonnon presents a phenomenal key to body, mind, and spirit: the Breath Mastery Scale™.  Both experienced students and newcomers will  learn to control breath  and motion with exquisite precision, opening the door to improvement in athletic performance, physical and mental health, and the progressive realization of our  true spiritual state of being.
Prasara™ extends beyond conscious movement practice, for it intends to create "Flow without Thought."  Once the student reclaims flow within the  Prasara™ chains, he or she becomes an intuitive, improvisational physical artist.  These chains  can be performed for health, fitness, the sheer bliss of creative physical practice or for exploring, targeting and releasing ongoing, daily residual fear, trauma and anxiety.  Prasara opens the door to yoga for the athlete,  athleticism for the yogi, and the full human birthright of exuberant aliveness to anyone willing to begin, and sustain the journey. Prasara™ flows may be performed as singular practice sessions, or divided to concentrate upon form in the static component poses, or asana.   No matter the current skill or fitness level, there are steps small enough to begin the path.  If you can stand, sit, and walk, you can begin Prasara.  Although complete, in itself, Prasara is perfectly complemented by BKS Iyengar's  classic yoga text Light on Yoga and Coach Sonnon's own work:  Body-Flow Biomechanical Exercise™.
Yoga.  Martial Arts.  The ecstatic athlete within all of us, revealed at last.  The promise, made flesh. Prasara.  The time has come." – - Steven Barnes, National Best Selling Author and Screen Writer, Yogi and Martial Artist, Los Angeles, California, USA
"Now, I do not want to brag or make people jealous, but yesterday I received a pre-released, advanced copy of Prasara™. Let me first say that I was there during the filming of Prasara. Coach Chomycia and I got to participate and watch this revolutionary film being made. Since I was there during the filming I, naturally, thought that the DVD would be no surprise, after all I was there. After watching for the first time yesterday, I can honestly say that I was BLOWN AWAY! I had no idea how incredible and important this film was going be. I saw this DVD and was shocked at what I saw. I knew that it was going to be great, but I was taken back at how revolutionary this film really is.
Firstly, let me say that the production value and editing is top of the line. If you cared nothing about the content, this is just a beautiful film to watch. The scenery, the music, the flow are breath taking. This film could stand alone as an aesthetic masterpiece. Shutterdog Media outdid themselves with their production.
The format of the film is a documentary that is instructional, motivational and inspirational. Coach Sonnon explains breath, structure and movement in a way that everyone can understand and immediately apply to their life. He does an incredible job of explaining how deepening your daily personal practice will translate into benefits in every aspect of your life. The movement of the flows that coach performs is poetic and inspirational to say the least.
If you are a long time RMAX person this film will reinforce and support everything that you have learned and excite you that you are a part of something this big. If you have never heard of RMAX or CST this DVD will change the way you look at movement. It is by far one of the best DVD I have ever seen on the subject of human growth and potential. The flows themselves and the breath mastery scale I believe will change the paradigm for health and fitness from here on. Again let me say, I was there for the filming, yet when I watched this production I was so taken back, it was like I had never seen any of this before!
I think that this should be mandatory for any student of any movement system."  - Joe Wilson, Yoga and Martial Arts Teacher, CST Head Coach, Memphis, TN, USA


"Prasara™ is the closest thing to what yoga is suppose to be. It is very personal. It’s not a monkey see/monkey do program, but a template of discovery and recovery of your own natural flow. There is a beginning but not an end. Where traditional yoga aims to create space between two opposing points, Prasara™ allows you to explore and travel through an number of points to find your natural grace. It’s an excellent companion to traditional yoga’s development of serene and static poise, for it uncovers your authentic grace, which can only be found through movement.

Prasara™ embraces the traditional of ancient yoga practices, yet it is not bound by them. It is a first class ticket to freedom and creativity. Its simplicity welcomes all, yet its sophistication challenges the most seasoned yogi or athlete to confront their egos and flow and grow beyond what they thought was imaginable. My yoga students were excited by the challenge, but not overwhelmed. It caters to the student of Viniyoga, for the practice of Prasara™ is your idiosyncratic path. There are shades of the powerful vinyasa of Ashtanga yoga and has some of the dynamic qualities of Kundalini yoga. It is an original, yet it maintains the intrinsic qualities of the 8 limbs of yoga. It is your path, your yoga! I was blessed to have received an advance pre-release copy of Scott Sonnon’s Prasara. This project was more than I expected…and I expected a lot.


The setting behind Mr. Sonnon is beautiful. It looks as if he is flowing in heaven. I’ve always stated that Ali McGraw and Erich Schiffman’s work “Yoga, Mind & Body” was the most beautiful yoga video ever made. Well, it now has to move over, because the presentation of Prasara is a gift for the eyes and ears. Not only is the content of Prasara unique, but the format in which it is presented is also unique. But the format has to be the way it is in order to truly get Prasara. If it was any other way it would not be Prasara. You’ll have to see. I will say that the Bodyflow products and a copy of Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar or some other detailed yoga reference is advised. Prasara is simply the concept of “flowing without thought”. You see the thinking creates a haven for negative dialogue. Thoughts get in the way of flow. The discipline of Prasara returns to the integration of our breathing, movement and structure. Mr. Sonnon has never been more clear and precise as he defines just what movement, structure and breathing is and how it is effected by our tension. He also believes there is no distinction between our body, mind and emotions.


If you are familiar with CST and Body-Flow, these concepts will not be foreign to you and if you are new to this school of thought, you are fortunate for he has never broken it down so simply before. Take it as a gift! It’s enough to espouse the curiosity to seek a more in depth look at these concepts. For coaches, his explanations are a great way to introduce new clients to the concepts that supports Body-Flow. I was honestly most interested in how he was going to physically integrate traditional yoga asana with the biomechanical exercises of Body-Flow. I had taken it upon myself to integrate the two forms of practice a few years ago, but my creativity was at a low point and I knew Mr. Sonnon would present something that I’d never seen before or even thought of integrating. I wasn’t let down. He gives us five very creative kinetic chains or vinyasas. The first is called Forest. It is a vinyasa built around the four corners balance drill. How do you flow from a shin box to the complete four corners balance drill? Well, you won’t believe your eyes. This was the first Prasara vinyasa I introduced to my class. When they first watched me do it, they just shook their heads…and then they did it! This is the epitome of balance, strength and dynamic meditation. The second is called the Spider Monkey.


Let me just say I did elements of this beautifully powerful vinyasa in my class tonight and my students begged me to ignore my proclamation of “never the same exact class twice” and to repeat this vinyasa again the next class. They loved it. This vinyasa spoke with a grace and power you not only have to see to believe, but do to feel! The third is the Diving Dolphin. This vinyasa really highlighted the pure grace and distinct creativity of Prasara. Mr. Sonnon’s marriage of Bodyflow and traditional asana was brilliantly crafted here into something that I refer to as “meditative agility”. The fourth is the Tumbleweed. This is the ultimate back extension series. If this vinyasa doesn’t enliven your spine, nothing will. But it’s all about flow as Mr. Sonnon moves seamlessly from on back extension to another. Flock of Pigeons is the last vinyasa. If Tumbleweed was the ultimate in back extension, then Flock of Pigeons is the ultimate in hip openers. Physically, this vinyasa is the one athletes as well as non-athletes (if there is such a thing) might value the most. From a martial artist point of view, this is a grappler’s vinyasa. It’s almost like taking the entire Grapplers Toolbox™ and carefuly pasting it into an exquisite yoga vinyasa.


The above was close to what I expected to see, but the canvas that supports this mosaic of movement was what surprised me the most. It came in the form of The Breath Mastery Scale. This is Prasara. Without it, you’re merely doing gymnastics as Iyengar would say. You see the aim of Prasara is to move without thought. This is generated by your breath. The physical practice is to deepen your breathing and to bring efficiency to your breath. You can reference the Breath Mastery Scale article 5 Steps to Mastery. The lowest stage is Fear. Mr Sonnon explains how we need it, but we can’t allow it to control us. Then we have Anger or Force level. This is an active inhalation that we use to drive through things. It’s better than fear, but it’s still not sufficient. It creates a tension chain that attacks our breathing and structure and therefore negatively effects our movement. Next is the level we aim to work in Prasara, the DISCIPLINE LEVEL.


Here we begin to reclaim our flow. We take control of our fear and anger or our “fear reactivity”. It’s an active exhalation through perceived force and a passive inhalation. All with compassion and patience. Then there is FLOW Level. A passive exhalation and inhalation. This is not deliberate, but something you must allow. It’s when there is no distinction between you and the environment. The highest level is MASTERY! This is not something you strive for, but a mere moment of unconscious perfection. It’s the stillest point, happening between breaths. Mr. Sonnon clearly explains that in order to truly practice and expand Prasara, you have to take this concept off the mat and into your daily life, breathing through the day to day stress and tension of life. This is the gift of Prasara. It’s what you take off the mat.

Now honestly, some will be taken aback by the “complexity and challenge” of Prasara. But it could be no other way! In order to learn how to ‘breathe” your way through challenges, you must first confront a challenge. As you learn to “breathe” your way through these challenges on the mat, you’ll find the tools to flow through the challenges daily life off the mat. This is the area that touched me personally, for it was my yoga practice that gave me the strength and courage to begin my “flow” in my daily life. I’ve never been able to articulate it as well as Mr. Sonnon. But this is the true gift of Prasara. Mr. Sonnon closes the DVD with some “Bruiser” swipes and some sweet Softwork play that resembles Capoeira. The only other thing I can say is, “thank you” - Robert Verdell, Yoga and Martial Arts instructor, Michigan, USA

"Prasara™ is the most effective dynamic programs I have come upon. It is the missing link to dynamically loosen yet strengthen the body as a functional unit. Relaxing yet challenging at the same time, the task of performing these flow chains seamlessly and gracefully as they were meant tests both the mind and the body. As an athlete, Prasara™ is an essential tool for maintaining my strength in flexibility giving me the edge and preventing injury in the many positions I may find myself while grappling and throwing. Prasara and Clubbell® Training together form the ultimate tool for a healthy, top of the line warrior in this day where martial artist are so diverse in their training that only the strong survive." - Reinaldo Novoa Jr., National Judo Team Coach, Trinidad and Tobago