RMAX.tv Productions Medical Disclaimer

Nothing within this information intends to constitute an explanation of the use of any product or the carrying out of any procedure or process introduced by or within any material. Information contained in our Website is not a substitute for professional medical advice, health care services or a medical exam. Nothing accessed is to be interpreted as a general or specific recommendation for a specific treatment plan, product, exercise regimen or course of action. Consult your doctor before using any exercise device or program. Do not use if you have any special medical condition. Only your doctor or a qualified medical professional can provide you with advice or recommendations for an individual ailment, treatment or problem.

Use our products at your own risk. Failure to follow instructions and/or using this product in any way other than its intended use could result in injury. When purchasing equipment or other products from RMAX.tv Productions, the purchaser understands the risk associated with using this type of equipment, and the purchaser understands the risk associated with following instructions from other products.

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