Well, in case your last name is Rockefeller, you may want to skip this whole section. Otherwise, just like most of us, we suspect, you could find just a few good ways to use some extra cash. Unlike numerous places out there that claim they’ll turn you into a millionaire overnight, what we offer is a no-catch, non-nonsense, realistic opportunity for an extra pay check while staying healthy and fit. We’ve had our Affiliate program for many years by now, and many of its members have been enjoying its benefits (should we add – without too much effort on their part…)

RMAX.tv Productions has been a major player in the Wellness and Fitness Industry with its highly-acclaimed product line since 1997. Co-founded by Scott Sonnon, inducted in The International Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and nominated for The National Fitness Hall of Fame, and the Founder of the Circular Strength Training® and TACFIT® (Tactical Fitness), referred to as “one of the most important figures in the tactical training community” by  Mike Gillette, President of Threat Metrics, former Training Director of the National Law Enforcement and Security Institute, former Field Training Officer, Tactical Team Commander, and Chief of Police; and credited by Matt Larsen, NCOIC U.S. Army Combatives, as “A pioneer in both the application of the newest sports science”, RMAX.tv Productions has revolutionized the fitness industry by marking the official end of the linear training approach.

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“All you need is love” – the Beatles contended back in the day. We certainly can’t offer you that much, but we will give you all you need to begin earning the dough. Once you’ve read the inspiring legalese agreement and signed up, we’ll give you the links you can put on your website or, in case you don’t have it, in your email messages.

You’ll also have a choice of selecting what banners, images, text links and ads, and other media advertising our products to display on top of the links.

When your website visitors or recipients of your emails choose to buy from our online
RMAX Store (https://rmaxinternational.3dcartstores.com), the moment they make the purchase by clicking the links harbored by you, you, in return, will be awarded your affiliate fair share, which happens to be 10% of the purchase price. You don’t have to worry about billing, packaging, shipping, and other marvels of the sale process. Your part is to put up our links and collect the cash. You’ll have an opportunity to login to your account and see your stats, and earnings.

Please note: the following RMAX's digital products are sold through ClickBank (an online merchant, which takes care of all transactions including calculations of affiliate commissions) and that's why are NOT included in this RMAX Affiliate program: TACGYM, TACFIT Warrior, TACFIT Commando, TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz , ROPE , Mass Assault, TACFIT Barbarian, TACFIT King Of Clubs, Zdorovye, TACFIT Survival, Primal Stress, TACFIT 26 New Generation, 5 Classics, Six Degree Flow, Primal 12, Clubbell 5x5, BAD45. To participate, and receive affiliate commissions for these digital products, please scroll down to the bottom of this page, and click on the RMAX Digital Products Affiliate Program banner.

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Well, as stale as this may sound, but it’s really up to you. We’ve been in business for 18 years, and that must mean what we offer does actually works. To substantiate this claim, we suggest that you, please, browse the Testimonials page to read what our customers say. We’re proud to be receiving incredible reviews from fitness enthusiasts as well as professional athletes, doctors, chiropractors, fitness and health experts and other highly regarded industry authorities.

There are a lot of programs and products to offer to your your friends, colleagues, and customers. There are more than 100 products and packages in our online RMAX Store (https://rmaxinternational.3dcartstores.com/) to choose from.

A few examples:

RMAX Library 
Price: $1,169.40
Your commission:
10% - $116.00

Clubbell® PRO GYM Package 
Price: $719.40
Your commission:
10% - $71.94

Intu-Flow™ 2-DVD set (best-seller)
Price: $49.95
Your commission: 10% - $5.00

We're glad to recognize that our products "sell themselves" for we've been blessed with terrific customers, friends and supporters. Do the math and see that your business relationship with us can be quite fruitful.
We’re truly interested in your success, for it translates in… right - our success. We have a special Forum Affiliate Section where you can post your questions and associate with other Affiliate program members to learn ways to earn more.

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We make out your monthly check (minimum $50) for the verified sales on the 27th of each month. Should you prefer the technological miracles to the paper check, we'd be glad to send you your due through Paypal.

We provide exceptional customer service and always go an extra mile to help you and your customers. You can always be certain about the quality guarantee of the RMAX.tv Productions brand name.

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Great! We knew you'd like that. Joining the RMAX family couldn't be easier:

1. Please read our Terms and Conditions.
2. Click on the Join RMAX Affiliate Program button below.
3. We are always HERE to answer your questions.


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Please NOTE:
This Affiliate Program covers the products sold through the
RMAX Online Shop ONLY.

The following RMAX's digital products are sold through ClickBank
(an online merchant, which processes all the transactions, including calculations of affiliate commissions).
Thus, Tactical Gymnastics, TACFIT Warrior, TACFIT Commando, TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz ,
TACFIT Mass Assault, Zdorovye, TACFIT Barbarian, and TACFIT King of Clubs,
TACFIT Survival, Primal Stress, TACFIT26 New Generation,
Powerformance Kettlebell Training System, 5 Classics, HeartFit,
Six Degree Flow, Primal 12, Clubbell 5x5 and BAD45
are not included in this RMAX Affiliate program.

For RMAX/TACFIT Digital products Affiliate Program, please click the button: